Flaming Modernists

As I had (very easily) predicted when I wrote the blog post about the rape of the Church (and which will remain pinned at least until the end of the Synod), a fairly consistent barrage of interviews of the or other flaming heretic has been given to more or less allied journalists, with the clear aim of creating a kind of fait accompli atmosphere at the Synod. Here, I will stop in order to allow you to utter one or two fitting insults at the address of these bastards, and to pray heaven that it may put an end to the work of said bastards in its own good time, but hopefully soon…..

After this brief intermission, I submit to your attention another interview (not the first, not the last), given by bishop Franz-Joseph Bode, undoubtedly one of the chief German bastards bishops.

Bode reads like an exercise in Modernism:

1) We must take account of the fact that the world has changed

2) we don't want a second marriage. But we should consider giving our blessing to adultery.

3) Some people put their prick in other people's sphincter, but we should obsess about sex.

4) when the teaching of the church becomes difficult we will uphold it in principle, but call it “an ideal” that must still “have a connection with life”; which is clearly impossible when God asks something as absurd as indissolubility of marriage.

It goes on in that vein, but my adrenaline level has peaked already so I will stop here.

I know the Angels have been reading Bastard bishop Bode. To me this is enough for today.

Make no mistake: they are being watched.



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  1. “For both prophet and priest are profane;
    Yes, in My house I have found their wickedness,” says the Lord.

    Jeremiah 23:11

  2. Anytime my Irish ire gets poked at these evil men I think of them burning in eternal hell and then the pity shows up. This Bishop reeks of brimstone. Indeed, the angels are watching….so is Our Lord. God bless~

  3. Bode:.” Jesus Himself, after all, “perceived man always first as a person, and then in his weakness.” Yes, as a person damned to Hell UNLESS born again of water & the Spirit; UNLESS you eat My flesh and drink My Blood; and follow My Father’s commandments.

  4. How will the Synod justify throwing the Savior’s words out the window? This just blows me away. I know many remarried Catholics already receive but how many have submitted to the marriage tribunal? It’s totally private, but I suspect most don’t bother. We are really in a big pickle here.

    • I do not understand your statements. If a marriage has been annulled a Catholic isn’t really “remarried”, if it hasn’t he is a concubine living in mortal sin and giving scandal and is therefore not admitted to communion.

      Some priest will give communion to them. Sacrilege happens. But this is a mere circumstance of fact.

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