The Laity Stands Up For Christ, Against The Clergy

Voice of the Family is a newly created laity organisation, aimed at protecting the family in light of the Synod 2014-2015.

They have taken a strong stance against the heretical elements of the Instrumentum Laboris, in which the pope has obviously insisted that all the heretical and perverted “novelties” emerged in 2014 are inserted again; with the hope of a second, this time victorious push in October.

Follow the link and enjoy the frank words of the always frank John Smeaton.

But please notice this: the Laity is creating new organisations to counter the heretical influence of the Clergy.

It truly is a sign of the times.




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  1. Thank you for this link. I had signed the petition asking for clarity on marriage, but now am on the email list. October fast approaches and the traditional Catholic world holds it breath! For us here in the states we must suffer having Pope Francis on our shores next month. That promises to be an existential trial! Pray everyone, that the Barque is righted!

  2. Michael Lofton

    Sadly, we can only count on our priests as sacrament dispensers, and in some cases not even that.

    • This is good and fitting so, then this is our our Lord wanted it.
      It is also a school of submission and obedience: may the priest be bad, the (validly) consecrated host is not less precious because of the priest. In obedience, we endure the pries and are thankful for the sacrament. We offer our anger at the bad mass to Christ and endure it as a penance. We suffer the devastation we will have to endure to our last day like the Peruvian peasant accepted poverty and, who knows how often, humiliation and abuse knowing they would go on all his life.
      Bad priests can make better people of us; not as much as good priests, of course; but God works in mysterious ways…

  3. I had the great honor to meet and speak with Matthew McCusker at the Roman Forum last month. His writings are excellent and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of his topic. I am delighted that young men are taking the lead in the work of the Catholic laity! I pray that there will be more men with his courage to take up the fight,

  4. Christ called out the Apostles to evangelize. Two thousand years later Bishops think that meant Administering and they are calling for the laity to do what Christ called the Bishops to do. The Bishops are AWOL with the exception of a few good Bishops. It great the laity are manifesting in a big way but Christ did not ordain them Apostles and that’s the missing link of the chain. Maybe the Church should change the criteria of the years of education one needs to become a Priest. Perhaps two or three year program then one gets ordained. From what we see from the Bishops their education is worthless. The don’t challenge the Culture of Death, they were AWOL on so called Gay Marriage. Most Bishops believe there is a reasonable belief everyone is going to Heaven. So why even talk about Sin and the need of Confession before receiving the Holy Eucharist. The laity are pulling the weight of the Church for the Bishops that needs to be applauded. The Bishops should be ashamed.

    • If everyone goes to heaven there is no need for priests in the first place, or for the Church as such.
      You’ve won the jackpot. Go have fun now.
      Thinking of it, it’s not Francis’ message is so much different, bar the fact he wants them to be poor whilst they sin.

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