Official: 1 September Is Catholic Idiot Day

who am I to judge?

The Evil Clown has found another way to keep pushing his utterly secular, environ-mentalist agenda. I hope to be the first to call “bullshit” on this. If not, I assure you I posted this as fast as I could.

Not only we have Catholic Idiot Day on 1 September, but we are also informed that we must ask forgiveness for “sins committed against the world”.

Boy, the world must be really offended. If I ask him for forgiveness very, very hard, will he forgive me? At least a bit? Eh? no? Come on, world, be a good world, give me the hand!

Good Lord.

I remember when the Church thought Her role to save souls, not trees. Today, the very pope helps you to damn yourself as a pervert or adulterer, whilst he asks you to ask the world for forgiveness.

What a clown.

What an evil, evil clown.





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  1. I for one am happy to offer prayers in reparation for sins against …ahem… nature. Certainly that’s what he means… Right? Ha!

  2. Mundy, on 01-September I will be begging Sister Luna for Her forgiveness that man has trampled Her surface, hit golf balls upon it, and polluted it with various artifacts. And I will humbly plea with Mr. Universe that He may please forgive us for polluting the entire universe with radio waves, TV signals and errant satellites.

    Silly me…before Bergie I used to think Mary was Queen of the Universe and I used to think that upon Christ’s Second Coming there would be a new Heaven and a new Earth.

    I’ve learned a lot from that drug-addled, tango-dancing, grappa-swilling, bar-bouncer, argy-bargying, one-lunged Argentinian village idiot.

  3. yes, and not one word from this potato (translation of the spanish word for pope=papa) regarding Planned Parenthood selling of baby parts….because killing trees is a graver sin than killing unwanted babies?

  4. On that day, are we supposed to wear sackcloths, shave our heads, and then strike our chests while shouting mea culpa, mea culpa?

  5. I can’t believe my eyes. Really? The Pope wants us to ask the “Earth” for forgiveness? He is mad. This is to set the stage for the eventual hunting down and murder of Catholics who breed like rabbits. “Save the Planet! Kill Yourself”!

  6. “sins committed against the world?” Ummmm…isn’t the world supposed to our enemy i.e. the world, the flesh and the devil? Why doesn’t the Pope use the correct word, like “earth” or some sort? And where is it in Scripture or the Saints that I am sinning against a tree, rock or pile of dirt? Lord have mercy on us. God bless~

  7. I heard it here first. I cannot believe him. An idiot? You are too charitable. Lord, deliver us from this Pope.

  8. This is ridiculous! I would rather mark September 1 as a day to ask prayers of St. Francis and the Blessed Virgin for the conversion of the pope. Perhaps I’ll encourage that among my friends.

    Just how are we supposed to ‘ask the world’ for forgiveness?!! It will be just another phony show of overfed and self-centered bishops preening in front of microphones and cameras, following the lead of their boss.

  9. Mundy,
    Just sayin’: there are some news headlines I’ll read where my second thought is, I wonder what you had to say. With you on the other side of the pond you get to see it first, and rarely disappoint. Thanks.

  10. The day September 1st belongs to St Giles, Abbot. So get you baloney and put it back into deep freeze where it belongs. “Catholic Earth Day!” Not in my lifetime. What a jerk!

  11. Michael Lofton

    The vegetable gospel at it’s finest.

  12. Don’t you think this is all about money? I wonder how much money Jeffrey Sachs has given to the Vatican. He is a very rich man and prone to meddling (he tried to eliminate poverty in Africa by spending money there and the Africans weren’t impressed.) Methinks the Pope took the money and is trying to put a Catholic spin on Sachs’ eco-babble/population control programme.

    • I cannot imagine that. The church can raise all the money she wants by just snapping a finger. Even Cardinal Dolan had no difficulties in raising well in excess of USD 100m for the restoration of St Patrick’s Cathedral. In the Vatican they find a couple of billions in their bank account like we find a banknote in some forgotten place. No, it’s not the money. It’s the desire to be loved by the world, and the loss of faith that gave origin to it.

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