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SSPX: Obviously, No Trace Of “Schism”

Good shepherd: Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Rorate Caeli hat the link to the interview granted by Bishop Schneider to their Spanish speaking counterpart.

It seems to me that the Bishop's message is very clear: there is nothing in the SSPX that is not 100% Catholic, and there is therefore no sign of Schism whatsoever. The Bishop himself makes clear enough that not liking – or refusing – the pastoral devastation of V II does not make one any less Catholic. The consequence is clear: the SSPX should be – as they themselves say – accepted as they are.

Bishop Schneider recognises a reality that sincere Catholics have always seen: if the SSPX isn't Catholic, Catholicism has muted into something else. If Catholicism cannot change into something else, the SSPX is Catholic. One can talk himself stupid trying to find an escape from this, but there is no escaping facts.

I am not holding my breath, and do not desire the “recognition” of the SSPX one hundredth of how I desire the end of this papacy. I do not attach any dramatic value to a 100% Catholic organisation being declared 100% Catholic. Certainly, to be recognised “as they are” would be good for the SSPX and good for the Church, and would mean that even Francis can do something right once in a lifetime. But the latter is the man who said “soon, soon!” concerning the end of the persecution of the FFI, so I do not count his word as worthy anything.

The recognition of the SSPX as fully, entirely Catholic from a Vatican so tragically poisoned by Modernism would be akin to a very influential drunkard recognising the sobriety of his far better behaved, but far less influential, neighbour. A nice thing to say, for sure, and good for the neighbourhood at large. But all those who can tell the drunken from the sober neighbour do not need this sort of recognition to know what is what. I certainly don't.

The SSPX is as Catholic as they come. Every sincere Catholic cannot but recognise this reality. If Francis decides to make this kind of historic gesture I do not see how it could or should be refused or criticised. On the contrary, it should be praised as a positive development. However, I do not believe Francis has any intention to proceed to such a step, and his decision to send Bishop Schneider on visit is just a variation of the “soon, soon!” Leitmotiv.

Do not lose your sleep over this. Do not start to nurture hopes of a “full reconciliation”. The SSPX is pretty well positioned where she is now, and we need a strong, fiercely Catholic order to call Francis a true Modernist, because that's what he is.

We also need to have them fully independent, financially and otherwise, from the Modernist forces at work in Rome. Whilst I can't imagine the SSPX would renounce to their independence in case of reconciliation, this could be another way how Francis tries to neutralise them.

Still, at the end of all this we have this powerful development, of the papal officially unofficial envoy saying very clearly that there is, in essentials, nothing wrong with the SSPX.

We don't need the good Bishop Schneider to realise this obvious fact, but many others certainly do, and certainly will. The recognition would contribute to the fall of some barriers now preventing badly instructed Catholic to recognise the wonderful catholicity of the Society. Therefore, if the full reconciliation were to happen it would be a positive development nevertheless.

But I, for one, will not be holding my breath.



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