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Quick! Switch On The Air Conditioner!!



Yes! Do it now! The earth is on the verge of a massive cooling!

Run to your A/C! Go start that car and make it run at idle! Take a holiday involving some intercontinental flight!

But wait…


Global Cooling, this was the same phenomenon sold to us in apocalyptic tones when I was a boy! And then, it was sold by the same anti-Western agit-props who are now telling us we are soon going to fry, or at least get severe climate change shocks!

You know what? The best weather forecaster cannot forecast absolutely anything with a reasonable chance of success beyond a handful of days. What do we know? We know that the earth has phases in which it tends to become warmer and phases it witch it tends to become colder.

We know this because we have seen it happening in the past couple of thousand years. But how it happens, and how long each phase goes on, is as per today not in our power to predict with any accuracy.

Some things we know, though. There was a time when Greenland was so green that they called it that way. A time in which England was a reputed producer of wine. A time in which patrician palaces in England were built with porticos open to the interior, and people dressed in tunics as a matter of course.

No one fried. The world was, actually, extremely prosperous. The melted arctic ice did not flood England. The wine tasted just fine.

I do not believe anyone who tells me he can reliably forecast the climate changes in the next 100 years. But I am a Christian, and believe that Creation is good, and that anyone who thinks God created a planet that his creatures can destroy by producing perfectly natural, harmless emissions (or, in the end, by multiplying according to His command) should be seen by a doctor and watched very closely by a man dressed in white.

That would be funny. A man in white watched by another man in white.

“Mom, who is that man in white?”

“The one near the madman? It's a nurse, dear…”



Be Suspicious

Admits to pot smoking. Admits to stealing a rosary from the hands of a dead man. Admits to lying his mother and sponsor over his studies. Says you are bad if you count your rosaries.



A priest (more so a Bishop, etc) has received a long training before being ordained, and has a more or less long experience of priestly activity. Bad as his formation might have been, the fundamentals will certainly have been transmitted to him. Being ordained, and able to read, and in possession of a brain, even a badly formed priest would feel the duty, if he takes his job seriously, to improve his formation with patient evening work, rather than continue in an ignorance that must be – if he takes his job and his vocation seriously – painful to him.

This is why I become extremely suspicious of those priests and prelates who start talking like politicians, and put social issues of various kind before what should be their first job: the salvation of souls.

I do not think such priests and prelates suddenly decided that, say, the Last Four Things are irrelevant to our times. If they believe in God, they must know that they are as relevant now as they always were. On the contrary, I think that something of massive scale happened in their life, and makes them now say things they would never say if the event had not happened. The most frequent, if you ask me, are:

1) Loss of faith.

Father does not believe that there is a hell or a heaven, a reward or a punishment. Instead of praying more and throwing himself at the feet of the Lord at the very first doubts (understanding that the devil is trying to get hold on him, and trusting what the Church teaches him), the man embraces his loss of faith and consents to it. Consequently, he cannot escape a great feeling of hypocrisy and uselessness. Therefore, he reinvents himself as the social worker. You recognise these people easily because they mention the sacred only as an excuse to push the social agenda, and pervert religion to an instrument of social change. This appeases their conscience, and lets them feel they have a useful role to play. Other motives may get in the mix (ambition, careerism) but at the root is the loss of faith. If you ask me, Francis and Cupich are prime candidates of this group.

A variation of this is, of course, the Kirchensteuer Whore.

2) Mistress

Father has allowed himself to be entangled in a relationship. Instead of fleeing at the first signs of danger, he has consented to his sinful thoughts and has allowed them to fester. Being a “forbidden fruit”, he will attract a certain kind of woman, the “heroine of the impossible relationship” type. (No, good women do not allow themselves to be involved with a priest. Not on any circumstance. No, really. Yep. You are welcome). Father is torn between his duties to God and his earthly desires. He might or not continue the relationship, but in both cases he will start to hate the Church and her strict, but salutary, rules. “Inclusion” will start to become an issue. The “plight” of those who have betrayed a vow will be very near to him, because he has done the same. “Change” within the church will be supported. Sins of the flesh will be happily ignored. The obvious social issues will give him something to talk about. This can become so bad, that an exposed and ousted bishop has the gall to say, in his defence, that at least he did not talk about sexual morality. You couldn't make it up. One's own shortcomings become the foundation of one's own morality.

3) Homosexuality

This is the perverted variation of 2). Add the subtle encouragement of perversion to what I have written above, and I think you pretty much have it.


In my eyes, these factors (loss of faith and desire for popularity, at times also for the money attached to it; mistress present or past; or sexual perversion) are behind much of the senseless talk we hear today from the Pope down.

Catholic doctrine is, and has always been, crystal clear. It is, therefore, not possible that a new thinking may be attached to it now, that was never seen in the past.

On the contrary, the new thinking is the fruit of a conflict with the authentic one, and a desire to eradicate it for one's own private motives. This applies, in my eyes, to everyone of these priests irrespective of rank, because a priest of dubious morality and non-existent orthodoxy does not improve merely because his manure is spread as bishop, archbishop, Cardinal, or pope.

You should be suspicious of Francis, Kasper, Marx, Cupich, Baldisseri and all those like them, down to the “inclusive” priest in your parish. If they believed in Catholicism they would be terrified, and unable to sleep at night. Their behaviour shows that there is something very wrong with them, in their own personal life, in their own faith, and in their own attitude towards the Church.

Be suspicious. Heterodoxy happens because of personal hidden motives.




The Blood-Stained Garment

Deception has always lived of half lies and distorted truths. The manipulator will take something that easily catches the imagination of the simple, inflate it without any shame and use it to deflect attention from some real issue he does not want you to think about.

A wonderful example of this is the seamless garment rubbish, something we thought put in the rubbish bin once and for all, but more and more frequently used during the Rubbish Pontificate.

The simple, the ignorant, the retarded and the libtards are easy prey of the strategy, because their desire to “feel good” moves them to react uncritically to any sort of emotional appeal. This allows their puppet masters to deflect the attention from the real issue.

Take “social justice” and the genocide of children in their mothers' wombs. The agents of Satan will not hesitate in trying to catch the imagination of the simple with vastly inflated claims of the ills caused by poverty, and use it to cover the infinitely bigger issue of the genocide. The simple and the retarded will not get the absurdity of the comparison, whilst the libtards will choose not to see it.

One of the most prominent agents of Satan is Archbishop Cupich, whom the Evil Clown has catapulted overnight from local liberal nutcase to prominent Archbishop and – if Francis lives – one day, Cardinal. Cupich has dared to declare the unthinkable, willingly and shamelessly downplaying the huge scandal of the Planned Genocide video with a “seamless garment on steroid” propaganda. The extent of the satanical deception (comparing abortion and unemployment, say) is beyond belief.

We stop a moment here, and reflect on the times in which we live. A huge genocidal organisation is under fire because the inhuman Nazi mentality within it has been exposed, and an Archbishop intervenes to take pressure out of them and deflect attention from their monstrous activity.

There can be no doubt that the likes of this minion of Satan are terrified by the very thought of a Catholic offensive against abortion; very probably because they approve of abortion, and very certainly because they understand that such an offensive would put them on the defensive in any other issue, from sexual perversion, to fornication, to loss of faith and espousal of the world's thinking as “moral” compensation.

Mind, though, that Cupich is not the only one, nor is he the most prominent. Pope Francis himself has managed to shut up about the videos for week – astonishing for a man who must talk incessantly, possibly even during sleep -, whilst he keeps insulting our intelligence with the “sins against the world” and such like excrements. Whilst this is no open “seamless garment” talking, it certainly prepares the ground for it and helps it to develop.

I am fed up with these people. Archbishop Cupich has on his hands the blood of children killed in the womb. He does not even have the decency to shut up whilst Planned Genocide is under fire. No, he must enrol on their relief army instead.

Archbishop Cupich's “seamless garment” is drenched in the blood of the children he obviously does not want to see spared. He has no excuses. Not even from the point of view of the darn socialist he is. Even one like him should understand when the time has come to, at the very least, shut up so it is not seen by everyone that he sides with the abortionists.

Can you imagine Hitler openly (he never did it; openly, I mean) gassing Jews and the Church telling us that the extermination camps are in the same ballpark as the difficulties of the poor? Can you imagine Hitler publicly gassing Jews by the millions and an Archbishop make a moral equivalence with unemployment? Wouldn't you call such a man Hitler's best ally?

Cupich is the enemy of the child in the womb. He has no business being a priest, much less an Archbidhop. He should be defrocked and send to work in some slum in Chicago (if there still are any), in order for him to discover that whilst a black baby has around a 40% probability of being killed in the womb, in 2015 United States no one dies of starvation.

I am informed that recently Mexico has been exercised.

Perhaps Archbishop Cupich should receive the same treatment.



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