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Gaystapo At Work

RT reports (yes, I know; no, I don't care) about the Spanish corrida organiser who dared to state that it is harmful for a child to be exposed to sexual perversion.

Predictably, the homo Mafia was all in a tizzy. But the way it happened is why I write this blog post.

If you displease the Gaystapo, they will immediately go after your livelihood. In this case, the call was immediately made for a man guilty of such a criminally sane thinking to not get public structures for his corridas, which certainly equates to severely damage, and probably destroy, his activity. The poor chap had to apologise to those who were offended by his words.

This is how it works in once Christian Europe. The most obvious banality is now a crime against the God of Sodomy, and everyone who dares to make a remark against the new satanical deity is threatened with economic destruction.

Our democracies are becoming a farce. Our freedoms are becoming a joke. A bunch of fags and their liberal friends decide what you can and cannot say. The populace (stupid and easy to manipulate, like the populace always is) is fast asleep and cannot see the danger, nay, the persecution already in place.

Meanwhile, the Pope complains about air conditioners.



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