Pray For Jimmy Carter, Satan’s Prize Fool.

Jimmy Carter is, as most of you know, pretty much about to meet his Maker. Or not, as the case may be.

I will, here, charitably shut up about his disastrous Presidency, the like of which we could witness again only if some U.S. Born Bergoglio became President of the Unites States. I will focus instead on Mr Carter utterly and completely satanical “view” of Christianity, and on the probable consequences for him if we were to die as stupidly as he has always lived.

Christianity has one clear mark, that was its distinctive trait from the start: it never allowed anyone to cook his own homemade Christian soup. You are told what Christianity teaches, and you have no excuses for believing something different from it. If you do, you can't hide behind your finger stating that you are oh so pious, and in such good faith. You aren't, and you aren't. All the rest is poppycock. Therefore, if you state that Jesus would approve of so-called “gay marriage” you are an enemy of Christ whatever your disgusting show of pretend Christian piety; and you will not fool anyone, least of all Christ.

In the case of our own US Jimmy Dismal, the following applies:

1. There is no doubt whatever Christianity was brought to the man.

2. He defies Christianity openly.

3. He does so, inter alia, in a matter concerning natural law.

4. He dares to proclaim his scandal publicly.

5. He dares to call his scandal ” Christian”.

Please do not even start to say that the poor man has been badly advised, or has forgotten, or had a sad childhood, or has eaten too many peanuts, or is too stupid to understand anything. Jimmy Carter is undoubtedly an idiot, but not of the retarded type. Rather, he is an idiot like Francis is an idiot: so much a prisoner of his arrogance that he thinks he can challenge God and get away with it. He is a fool, not a demented person.

Plus (and that would be number 3) sodomy is, like all perverted acts, against natural law. Even a heathen would not have any justification for stating that Our Lord would approve of so-called “gay marriage”. But when one makes such statement who perfectly well knows why Sodomy is called that way I see satanical arrogance at work.

Jimmy Carter is about to meet His maker as an openly satanical caricature of Christianity, blaspheming the name of the Lord in ways that no generation before this one would have tolerated since the West became Christian. What to do, then?

We should pray for his eternal soul, of course; because idiot as he is, his soul has infinite value in the eyes of the Lord. But we should also very drily reflect what is very probably going to happen to the man if he dies unrepentant; because whilst we can never know with ultimate certainty, a Christian isn't supposed to be so incurably stupid as to think that a tool like Jimmy Carter is not looking for damnation with the outmost zeal. Those who do so ignore the very stern warning of our Lord about keeping His commandments exactly as Carter ignores the stern warning God gave to us when Sodom was destroyed.

I invite you once again to overcome your natural and perfectly justified sense of aversion, disgust and sheer contempt for the man, and to pray for his immortal soul; then we are Christians, and we pray even for the enemies of Christ, that they may die in friendship with Him. But don't be surprised if you also shiver at the idea of how the man, and very many like him, have been deceived by Satan to this point of sheer blind arrogance, of hypocritical total revolt.

Make no mistake: no one can call himself a friend of Christ who spits on his face as Carter does, all the while claiming to be on his side.

Pray for him, then.

And shiver.



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  1. This might just be the most cruel article I have seen. The man is dying and all you can do is blather about the “sins” of same sex marriage. Shame on you.

    • What a sad little sod you are. You think that universal matters of salvation and damnation are more important that the fact that the man is doing what everyone of us will do one day: die.
      To a Christian, death is a very useful tool, and it must be used.
      Memento mori.
      And no go wash yourself, you have cried so much you have mascara all over your face.

  2. For those who doubt that Sodom and Gomorrah got fried from Heaven!

  3. So someone with an equals banner as his/her avatar thinks that having one’s enemies beg God to spare a soul who, left to his own devices, would hound those very same people (who are praying for him) out of every aspect of civil society, is “cruel”? Hey, “cruelty” is wanting someone in hell for all eternity. No one here wants that for President Carter. We also don’t want that for anyone else who might be thinking of following his path of political expediency, which is why his life should serve as a cautionary tale. Oh, and Mr. M., I’m pretty sure we’ll all meet our Maker – however the final disposition of His Holy and Perfect Judgment might go for us.

    • What the confused commenter above wanted to say is that, by being critical to Carter, I have contravened to the religion of niceness, which is akin to being cruel to kittens.

      I do think, though, that the man is homosexual. The knee-jerk insulting reaction that does not explain what exactly is wrong is typical of that kind of person. He is obviously peeves at the obvious truth that perverted behaviour leads to hell, and those who are accomplices in this sin committed by others must tremble indeed.


    • Sorry I forgot the other part: as far as I know, it is widely believed that the soul of the damned do not get to see God. God deprives them of the immense joy of seeing Him even for a moment. To see God is, by itself, the evidence that one is saved.

      I think this is the reason why the “Hail, Holy Queen” has the prayer to Mary that she may show us Jesus.


  4. One wonders what life might be like if Jimmy the Liberal had not given money to the Ayatollah and helped to topple the Shah which led directly to the firestorm of militant Islam spreading throughout the world. Electing liberals inconveniences many Americans but it kills and enslaves many thousands in other lands.

    • Exactly.
      Four years of Presidency so disastrous, that after 35 years we still pay the price of the stupidity of the American people in 1976.

  5. The Wonderboy from Plains is an anti-Catholic bigot as well as an anti-Semite.

  6. Carter is a yo-yo man. Like many politicians he volunteers to be controlled and led totally by his globalists. That’s the reason why he acts so stupid like Frankie, the evil clown. Both has loosen their sanity and believe no God. Their souls are in great danger. I pray that they have guts to break slavery chains at the last moment. No repent no redemption.

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