Let’s Talk About Clowns

Yes, always the same chap...

The blog “the tenth crusade” has an article whose content I do not feel I should entirely approve – the part about the SSPX I most certainly do not approve -, but which, besides its undoubted intrinsic merits, contains a wonderful digression as follows:

This is really the crux of the problem with Pope Francis, isn't it?

His conduct is that of the typical pastor who wants to bring in the heretics to teach our family, and when we point out the spiritual malpractice, he's written a book of insults to give witness to our children that we are antiquated sourpusses who can't enjoy a little clapping fornication. He has shipwrecked thirty years of catechesis in the family and parishes trying to help us navigate through the clapping fornication they are drilling into children at schools and the culture. On top of the bozo the clown act, he is surrounding our children with the clapping fornication show and culture of death and applauding it on the sidelines.

An absolute shipwreck that will take a generation to recover — some of our own children will be swept away and he's fixed it so there is little we are able to do.

I digress.

Truly beautiful digression. It shows another devout Catholic for whom it is natural, speaking of orthodoxy and heresy, to say that Francis is heretical, insulting to Catholics he hates, very clearly approving of the culture of death and, in a word, pretty much Bozo the Clown. The entire digression flows so naturally, the comparison with the heretical priest is so vivid, the clown comparison so obvious, the knowledge of the reader of the Pope's heresy so naturally understood, that no one is aware of any logical jump of any sort. If you talk of heretics within the Church, Francis obviously comes to mind.

The pope is compared to Bozo the Clown. You know the comparison is very fitting. If thousands of blogs like this had written thousands of comparisons like this one, I cannot imagine that we would be where we are now, politely awaiting to see what kind of havoc Francis will wreak in October.

But I suppose politeness, and not be seen as aggressive, must come first, and truth second. If Francis truly goes nuclear in October there will still be time for more polite disagreement.



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  1. I have been “on again-off again” with TTC because of the SSPX issue and especially with her love of Father SING-SONG and MV, but her writing is so “Mundabor-like” that I can’t stay away for long.

  2. Mundabor-like, Boston style, that is!

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Well, the Tenth Crusade has enough good that I subscribe. After all, it is a blog for rabbits, which I found–maybe through your blog, Mundabor–as I was fleeing to prevent the Clown Pope (who does not like rabbits) from stepping with his clodhoppers on my fluffy tail.

  4. Usually a worthwhile blog. However she loses it when the SSPX comes up. Her fondness for that oddball and priest pal of Michael Voris, Father Paul Nicholson, is very perplexing. A very good blog as regards American RC and especially Boston Archdiocesan issues. She was slow on the uptake regarding Bergoglio, but seems to have come around. All in all I’d give her blog a B+.

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