Francis Effect Revisited

The circus was emptying fast...

The circus was emptying fast…

Sandro Magister has the figures, and Father Z has the text.

In occasione della centesima udienza generale [On the occasion of the 100th general audience] del pontificato di papa Francesco, mercoledì 26 agosto, la prefettura della casa pontificia ha comunicato che a questi cento appuntamenti hanno preso parte in totale 3.147.600 persone, così distribuite anno dopo anno:

– 1.548.500 i presenti alle 30 udienze del 2013,
– 1.199.000 i presenti alle 43 udienze del 2014,
– 400.100 i presenti alle 27 udienze del 2015.

Questo significa che anno dopo anno la media dei presenti a ciascuna udienza è stata la seguente: [the average at each audience]

– 51.617 persone nel 2013,
– 27.883 persone nel 2014,
– 14.818 persone nel 2015.

Quindi ogni nuovo anno con la metà di presenze dell’anno precedente. [Each year, half the number of the year before.]

Nè le vacche magre sembrano scongiurate, visto che alla centesima udienza di mercoledì scorso è stato comunicato che sono accorsi solo “in più di diecimila”.  [at the 100th there were “more than 10K”]

O my. Francis’ popularity is going down faster than the Ukrainian economy. It’s more than a crisis, it’s an outright meltdown.

The sad thing is that I do not think the rejection comes out of a newly found orthodoxy. More likely, it’s just that Generation Dalai Lama loves being excited and praised by new people every now and then.

Francis always telling them how good they are in their fornication, abortion, sodomy, and assorted sinfulness has tired them already. They are now looking for the next exciting guy who amuses them making things he is not supposed to do. I suggest that the Queen starts dancing the Macarena with Prince Philip. That would keep Generation Stupid occupied for an entire week.

Father Z has some other, very dry observations:

The square is emptier and emptier.

And it’s not because of the general secularization.

Romans aren’t going either, so it isn’t the economic slump.

No, it isn’t the economic slump. And it’s not the cold or the rain. It’s even summer, for crying out loud.

It’s that if you make of yourself the Miley Cyrus of the Catholic world, at some point your fans will abandon you for the next twerking slut.



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  1. ‘What I find interesting is that these figures were given by officials at the Vatican a month before the start of the Synod. Couldn’t they wait the 5 months and give the year end figures? And they gave three year figures together for comparison purposes! It is as if someone wanted to send a signal to the Bishops, Something along the lines that those voting with Francis and the heretics would not be making the “popular” decision.

  2. “Twerking slut!” You’ve mastered the vernacular well, M.

  3. Most politicians when they see their policies failing come to the conclusion that they must intensify their efforts and come up with even more crazy ideas to embellish their mistakes in the belief they can fool all the people all of the time. My fear is that Francis will react in exactly the same way and push harder as the Synod approaches in the hope it will reinvigorate his falling fan base. Please God there are enough faithful cardinals and bishops to thwart his designs.

    • Quite so.
      He must now push the liberal agenda. He is its prisoner. He can’t be a failed liberal and a failed orthodox. Besides, heretic and communist is truly what he is.
      I do not think he will prevail. But I think he will make an awful lot of damage.

  4. Francis is a heretical, lying communist who seems like Satan’s favorite, right handed man. His secreted, hidden mission is to sabotage, undermine the Catholic Church and lead many souls to hell as much as he can. His falling popularity indicates that God has mercifully interfered in order to save souls and He will not let the Church going down. I wonder if this evil was a Italian or Argentinian communist party member who was assigned to infiltrate into the Church from the beginning?.
    Any information on this man, please post it here. Thanks.

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