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Does he mean “two rosaries?” No, that can’t be…


Very noble, and very interesting blog post from Tantumblogo at the Blog for Dallas Area Catholics. The blog post is a suffering, but rather cold-headed analysis of everything that has gone wrong with CMTV in the last… present Pontificate. I think the time spent reading the post will be time well spent.

I want to attract your attention on a rather interesting revelation made by Tantumblogo. The emphases are mine. 

The amazing thing is, privately, CMTV staff are totally willing to bash the living crap out of Pope Francis!  In fact I’ve heard some of the key players at CMTV say things regarding Pope Francis (privately) that go much beyond anything I or many others have written.  But because they’ve gotten totally twisted off on this notion of “never criticize the pope publicly, no matter what,” and the complimentary notion that any criticism of the Pope will cause huge numbers of souls to “fly” to the SSPX, they refuse to broach this belief in public.

I had to smile at reading the paragraph. So, CMTV staff are willing to bash the living crap out of Pope Francis, uh? Of course they do! It confirms to me what I have always thought: that with all their mistakes – I do not think here principally of the SSPX, but of the insults to John Vennari, Christopher Ferrara, Michael Matt and Louie Verrecchio; insults for which, as far as I know, there has never been an apology – these “key players at CMTV” do love the Church. And if you love the Church, you will bash & Co, & Co.

But then again I reflect on this: that those who do so most certainly do so because they see in Francis a danger for the salvation of souls, and a wound in the body of the Church. No other motive – and certainly not personal antipathy – would justify such a behaviour.

But then one wonders how this behaviour can be deeply felt, and the consequences of it not drawn. If Francis is a danger for the salvation of souls – and it must be, for them to bash etc. – why would they not publicly warn about this danger? And if this danger is seen and nothing is done in public, those who bash privately should ask themselves what it is with being accessory to another’s sins through, erm, well, silence, and whether they are working for the right organisation.

It is hard to wake up in the morning and hope the radio will announce that the pope has died. But every day that the radio does not make the announcement Francis contributes to more souls being lost. Therefore, I repeat my invitation to the readers to pray for the end of this scourge: through conversion if can be, and through resignation or a painless death otherwise. This is – perhaps bar the resignation, which is a newer fashion – what pious Catholics before us have done. We should take an example from them, stop making of human life our god, and start realising that a Pope unrelentingly working against Christ deserves to have the living, if metaphorical, shit bashed out of him every day his disgraceful pontificate goes on.



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  1. It does seem horrible to pray for someone’s death, but if a person is a menace to people’s lives like a Hitler or a Stalin, then it is better for them to die. If someone is a menace to people’s souls and also is in the ultimate position of influence, than that person is even more dangerous. I pray for in this order: the Pope’s conversion so that he might start acting like a Pope, his resignation, or his painless death, whichever be God’s will. And that the next Pope would be a true Vicar of Christ.

  2. Agree. I think Michael Voris is a member of Opus Dei and may be sponsored by Opus Dei members. I am quite sure this inhibits him from speaking out. Of course, to be true to himself and the folks who work at CMTV Michael should resign from Opus Dei so he can wholeheartedly pursue the truth.

    • Voris has consistently denied he is OD, so I will believe him until I see evidence to the contrary. Still, the matter is ultimately irrelevant as one does not need to be Opus Dei to be inhibited from speaking out.

    • I’m still sticking with the idea that Opus Dei has some influence over Michael Voris. Perhaps it is one of his major supporters. His speaking out against all the Bishops and not Pope Francis makes no sense at all unless he was expressly told not to do this.

    • Alas, some people are affect from acute forms of Clericalism.


  3. A journalist who takes a personal oath to avoid reporting the truth, as Michael Voris did when he announced after October’s Synod that he would not criticize Pope Francis, is a “dead-man walking” in his profession. You cannot ignore an elephant in the living room and retain your journalistic integrity, especially when the elephant is getting bigger and more unruly.

  4. I must say that I am praying as Maria Christina prays. The pope is mentioned in my third decade of the Rosary daily. I pray for his conversion. I pray that Catholicism will triumph despite the efforts of Francis et al. And I pray for the next pope should Francis die (repentant, I pray) that he will uphold the true Faith. I might add that my fifth decade is that Islam will be crushed, and for the relief and consolation of the poor Catholics in the Middle East and Africa who suffer under Islam. I suppose I ask a lot in my prayers, but I believe our Lady is up to these requests.

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