A Small Reminder

The old commenters are generally very good in keeping their comments within the due boundaries. For the others and the new commenters, some words of advice.

I cancel all those comments which:

  1. are too long
  2. are not to the point of the blog post
  3. post links without explanation and presentation of the material posted, such that I cannot be absolutely sure the content is 100% orthodox even if I do not have time or desire to click the link.
  4. Smell even extremely vaguely of Sedevacantism.
  5. Are written by people who have disparaged me on other blogs and have the almighty gall to come here to see their comment published.

It’s past midnight now, and I have the impression some people post just in order to see their moniker in print. Some of you are wasting my time, and this blog isn’t written for time wasters.

Please make your comments short, concerning the topic at hand (left and right, and up and down, will be culled), and if you really have to post a link tell me why you do it, what is it all about, and vouch for its catholic orthodoxy with your continued presence on this blog.




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