Timeo Franciscum Et Dona Ferentem

Did not trust JP II. Imagine how much he would have trusted Francis.

Did not trust JP II. Imagine how much he would have trusted Francis.


Pope Francis has addressed the faithful in preparation of the upcoming Year Of False Mercy, instituted from him in order to sabotage Catholic doctrine in every way he can whilst looking oh so pious himself.

The address contains this and that, and is rather uneventful for most of its course. The only difference with Francis' usual allocutions is that one can actually understand what he is talking about; a sure sign, this, that the text has been written by someone else.

However, there is a big surprise in the end:

A final consideration concerns those faithful who for various reasons choose to attend churches officiated by priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X. This Jubilee Year of Mercy excludes no one. From various quarters, several Brother Bishops have told me of their good faith and sacramental practice, combined however with an uneasy situation from the pastoral standpoint. I trust that in the near future solutions may be found to recover full communion with the priests and superiors of the Fraternity. In the meantime, motivated by the need to respond to the good of these faithful, through my own disposition, I establish that those who during the Holy Year of Mercy approach these priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation shall validly and licitly receive the absolution of their sins.

This is big news from a Pollyanna perspective, and as newspapers go. From December and for one year every devout, rosary-counting Catholic who has scruples in that sense will be able to go to confession to an SPPX chapel, safe in the knowledge that that master of Orthodoxy, Francis, might look on him with less hate than usual because of… mercy.

I do not trust this. I do not trust the time, I do not trust the motives, and most importantly I do not trust the person. I fear Francis even when he bears gifts, because a scheming and heretical pope cannot have in mind anything good for Catholicism.

I do not trust the time and the motives, because it seems to me that Francis is opening the war on the sacraments with a manoeuvre aimed at disorienting his enemy. He is “merciful” to the SSPX: how will the conservative Catholics, then, be angry at him when he is “merciful” to adulterers? I smell a huge German rat here, and whilst many German bishops will feign mock opposition or even mock indignation, I am pretty sure they all know where this is going to end, and will play the game for all they're worth. Adultery is well worth an SSPX confession, and they will now shout even louder that once Francis is “merciful” to the “schismatic” SSPX ( I know, I know… slander and false accusations never get old) how can he refuse “mercy” to the oh so acutely suffering concubines and perverts?

But most importantly, I do not trust the person. Not for one second will I think that Francis has suddenly become an orthodox Catholic. Please understand that Francis is not pursuing a less heretical agenda today than he was yesterday. He will not start today to like the rosary-counting Catholics he so much despises. The Evil Clown that went to bed yesterday evening is the same that woke up this morning. Of course he is throwing a bone to the conservative crowd before he serves the sacrilegious entree to his heretical followers, or at least tries to let them have as much of the dish as he can.

I can hear the Pollyannas already, all excited at how oh so comprehensively merciful this Pope is. They are being fooled.

You recognise the orthodox pope from his orthodox actions. This one isn't an orthodox Pope. Therefore, I do not trust his actions even when they would appear in the interest of orthodoxy.

“You are so mistrustful!”, the one or other will say.

“You are so thick!”, will my answer be.

I fear Francis, even when he comes bearing gifts.






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  1. Francis aka Bergoglio is bearing only poisonous gifts

  2. S Armaticus • 3 hours ago

    What is odd about this „act of mercy” is that it was issue through a letter to a Bishop. It was not put in an official Vatican document. This might be due to avoiding the “theological structurer”, i.e. Card. Muller. And for those who follow the ins and outs of the SSPX situation at the Vatican, will recall that Card. Muller is the arch-nemesis of the SSPX. He is also the arch-nemesis of Francis and the Kasperian/Bergoglian “theology done on the knees”.

    So the most simple explanation is that Francis is using the SSPX to drive a wedge in the orthodox/conservative/neo-conservative opposition. On one side we have Card. Muller and the Curia and on the other we have Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Brandmuller (the two identified SSPX visitors). If he can diminish the authority of Card. Muller and his CDF veto over the resulting Apostolic Exhortation that will come on the end of the bi-Synod, he might be able get some of the Kasper agenda through. Or so he thinks…

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Well, now we can say instead of “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” let those who are wise beware of this Pope bearing gifts. Your first sentence is on target and hits a bulls-eye. Francis is bending the “year of mercy” to his own heretical ends. Thanks, Mundabor.

  4. Totally agree. Thought the same thing. “What is this devil up to now?” I also thought of the “the washing of the hands” Offertory prayer ie. Psalm 25: “Take not away my soul, O God, with the wicked: nor my life with blood thirsty men. In whose hands are iniquities, their right hand is filled with gifts.”

    He’ll show his hand and the reason he pulled this stunt in time. God bless~

  5. Quite simply, this is the most intelligent thing I’ve seen on this blog. Thank you so much.

    One of my friends is a Traditionalist Catholic and he posted this announcement on his Facebook page. This was my response before I read your blog:

    “Well, he took his own damn sweet time saying it, didn’t he? This, to me, is just a political maneuver. I wouldn’t trust this fellow if he told me Jesus rose from the dead. Then again, I doubt if he believes that.”

    I can’t wait for the Sheas, Longeneckers, Fishers, Keatings, Madrids and the rest of the Apologetics-Industrial Complex to wax ga-ga over this.

  6. This is a sugar pill, “Divide to conquer”. It’s so subtle that many of us have recognized his real face of the devil now. Thank you, M. for discerningly revealing his evil agenda. Praying that St. Michael Archangel will cleanse the sexual-perverted synod in October which all of devil cohorts will gather against Christ and His Truthful Church. Keep in mind that the final victory always belongs to the Church of Christ.

  7. Might the following be a conceivable scenario?
    1) The October Synod ends with a permission (actually an order) for priests to ‘forgive’ the sin of secular remarriage of divorced Catholics. The conditions are left deliberately vague – ‘reserved to national bishops’ conferences’.
    2) A month later, the ‘Year of Mercy’ Ta-daaah! Pope allows SSPX licence for confession from Dec. 8th – (the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, of course – a significant symbol.)
    3) Somebody with an ACTA agenda quite deliberately provokes an SSPX priest by confessing to him, with a challenging and impenitent attitude, overt modernist views and a clear lack of any purpose of amendment. The priest refuses absolution.
    The matter is then Vatican-and-media-complained of and the scandal is perfect.
    You see! They weren’t to be trusted after all…oh what a pity!! ‘How let down I feel. I felt so vulnerable, I was in tears, how can anybody be so harsh as to…’ etc etc

    That might of course just be all in my suspicious mind.

  8. Indeed. It smells fishy. It looks like a smokescreen, because also the 1st September Francisco appointed the bugninian Piero Marini (Marini “the bad”) as president of the Special Commission for the Liturgy in the Congregation for the Oriental Churches:


    A few years ago the modernists intended to sink their stinking teeth into the non-aggiornered oriental liturgies. It seems now is the chosen time. But if these antichrist’s testicles change Byzantine liturgy, better forget ecumanias with the Russian Ortodox Church.

    I’m starting to smell the game that plays Francisco: to convert the Catholic Church in a sort of Anglican Communion (with him as head, of course) at the service of the New World Order.

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