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Churches And Democracies.

Church of the Saviour on spilled blood. Built where Alexander II was fatally wounded, deconsecrated by the Bolsheviks, hopefully soon a consecrated church again.



I do not know of any pre-1989 Western Democracy where Christianity is not rapidly declining and unChristian or antiChristian legislation is not on the march. I do not know of any pre-1989 Western Democracy where democracy itself is not being used to damage or destroy Christianity.

Let us now turn our attention to the Country those very same pre-1989 Democracies loves most to hate, and whose oh so unEuropean ruler attracts the secretly excited rage of overweight feminists and males thinking they are females trapped in a male's body: Putin.

Putin has been supporting the local Church (a Schismatic church, granted; but Christian nevertheless) from the start of his activity as President. This is both a cultural and a political operation as it is a religious one, but this does not make it one iota less good. The mingling of religious and political power, the emphatic non-separation between church and state, has been for many centuries a very distinguishing trait of Czarist Russia. This happened to a degree unknown to us for the last several centuries. Few people know that the Kremlin in Moscow was the seat of the highest religious as well as the highest political authority. This wasn't a coincidence, and it indicated that the one does not go without the other. May it be that this collaboration led at times to the wrong results (it's a schismatic church anyway), it can't be denied that it was at the root of the traditionally very deeply felt religiosity of the Russian people before the end of the Czarist regime.

Intelligently, Mr Putin has recovered this tradition. It is obvious that a lot of money and energy has been invested by the Russian government to not only tolerate or not obstacolate, but to positively promote the re-Christianisation of Russia after 70 years of Bolshevist rape. Whilst this is a task that will need more than one or two generations, it can't be denied it is proceeding at very good speed and with excellent results.

Now a trebling of St Petersburg's churches is proposed. I do not know any Western European (pre-1989) Democracy where such requests are made. Do you?

Nor can you say that Christianity is a pure instrument of power for Putin. Once built, a Christian mentality cannot be undone via ukase. Not even Stalin managed to destroy it completely, and Putin isn't Stalin. No, when Putin pushes for a Christian country, he knows that these very Christians will turn on him if he betrays Christianity. The deal is very clear, and very Russian. Christianity is not only a pillar of whatever autocracy Russia now has. It is, at the same time, the price this however accomplished autocracy has to pay, and this will become more and more so as the decades pass, the old Bolsheviks die, and a new Russia slowly emerges.

Please also note the paradox: the once Christian Democracies yell without cease at a Country where Christianity is actively promoted, and bash it without end for its being… Christian, which is now generally expressed with the word “homophobic”.

The West has forsaken Christianity and has now embraced new gods: democracy and sexual perversion. Putin has a very Russian understanding of the first, and a very Christian attitude towards the second. Strangely enough, Putin's understanding of democracy seems extremely liked by the Russian people, and they are being extremely responsive in embracing Christianity too, at least at a superficial level of Christian mores and understanding of moral boundaries. In short, their model works and it is largely accepted. Ours does not work and it is largely despised.

We sell our churches. They might (in places) treble theirs. We become a bunch of heathen. They become (slowly, but at a beautiful pace) more and more Christian. We hate and despise our politicians, and do not trust a word of what they say. They support and admire their own leader in a way unknown in Europe or the U.S., and like him the more when he asks them to suffer more deprivation for the sake of the Fatherland.

And we criticise the Russian government and people, and tell them that they are not good enough, because they do not conform to the gold standard of worship of democracy and sexual perversion as we, the ungodly worshippers of democracy, understand it.

More churches in Russia, say I. With God's help, one day the Orthodox will go back to the fold, and it will be all hay of the Only Church. As it stands, the Russian Orthodox are creating an impressive bastion against the satanisation of pretty much everything which our oh so accomplished, utterly satanical democracies want to achieve.

Give me one Putin and I will give you Merkel, two Renzis and three Hollandes; and to add some real value I will throw in Van Persie, half Messi and Pogba on loan for two years. *


* you don't get this? Ahiahiahi!!….



Church Got It All Wrong For Many Centuries, Says Francis

Lord, give me strength! I am now in front of the very difficult task of conveying to my readers what kind of rubbish individual this man is, without calling him with half the names he has deserved. This man is a challenge for Catholics' adrenalines. For example, this morning I read this.

FrancisThought is here very clear: the often fabled “early Christians” were such good pastoral theologians. Then came the Church Francis hates, and she “divorced” theology from pastoral ministry, basically getting it all wrong and not serving the faithful for many centuries. Then again V II came, and put this train wreck on its tracks again. I lucky we are now. We must merely let the “Spirit” work.

The intervention is full of veiled invitations to Kasperism, and uses the images and figures of speech of the Kasperites. Theology must place Trafition and reality in a “dialogue”: hey, let's “dialogue” with perverts, shall we not? No, let us not call them to repentance: this would be a “divorce” between theology and pastoral ministry!

Those who challenge Catholic doctrine must not be “ignored”, because if you do so you “do not take seriously the principle of Incarnation”. What the heck does this mean anyway, that God became Man to confirm people in their “struggles” and “questions”?

Then there is this pearl of stupidity: that the ultimate source of theology is in “the praying people”. No, you damn fool. If the “praying people” are those out of which theology stems, theology will have all the errors, “struggles”, and “doubts” they have; and many no mistake, by “praying people” the man does not mean the orthodox rosary-counters; because he knows very well that, sinners as they all are, they are aligned with doctrine to 100%, and they have no “doubts” or any kind of “struggle” about it.

This Evil Clown vomits the heresy of Kasper almost every time he open his mouth. We should start calling it the heresy of Francis, and it would be more appropriate.

This man is Christ's enemy number one. Let's pray the Lord silences his heretical mouth soon.



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