Church Got It All Wrong For Many Centuries, Says Francis

Lord, give me strength! I am now in front of the very difficult task of conveying to my readers what kind of rubbish individual this man is, without calling him with half the names he has deserved. This man is a challenge for Catholics' adrenalines. For example, this morning I read this.

FrancisThought is here very clear: the often fabled “early Christians” were such good pastoral theologians. Then came the Church Francis hates, and she “divorced” theology from pastoral ministry, basically getting it all wrong and not serving the faithful for many centuries. Then again V II came, and put this train wreck on its tracks again. I lucky we are now. We must merely let the “Spirit” work.

The intervention is full of veiled invitations to Kasperism, and uses the images and figures of speech of the Kasperites. Theology must place Trafition and reality in a “dialogue”: hey, let's “dialogue” with perverts, shall we not? No, let us not call them to repentance: this would be a “divorce” between theology and pastoral ministry!

Those who challenge Catholic doctrine must not be “ignored”, because if you do so you “do not take seriously the principle of Incarnation”. What the heck does this mean anyway, that God became Man to confirm people in their “struggles” and “questions”?

Then there is this pearl of stupidity: that the ultimate source of theology is in “the praying people”. No, you damn fool. If the “praying people” are those out of which theology stems, theology will have all the errors, “struggles”, and “doubts” they have; and many no mistake, by “praying people” the man does not mean the orthodox rosary-counters; because he knows very well that, sinners as they all are, they are aligned with doctrine to 100%, and they have no “doubts” or any kind of “struggle” about it.

This Evil Clown vomits the heresy of Kasper almost every time he open his mouth. We should start calling it the heresy of Francis, and it would be more appropriate.

This man is Christ's enemy number one. Let's pray the Lord silences his heretical mouth soon.



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  1. Can it get any worse? Probably!

    Michael Dowd

  2. So Jesus divorced His own theology from His pastoral ministry by calling sinners to repentance? By telling His apostles to shake the dust from their sandals if the Gospel is refused? This Pope thinks he is greater than almighty God. Lord have mercy on him. God bless~

  3. I’m no longer shocked by this buffoon nor do I try to try to find excuses for his behaviour (mad, drugged, drunk). It is quite clear that this is a thoroughly bad man who has embraced Satan. I can only keep praying to Our Lady and the Holy Ghost.
    To make myself even more miserable, I’ll be getting Edward Pentin’s book “The Rigging of a Vatican Synod? An Investigation into Alleged Manipulation at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family.” Just so I won’t get a nasty surprise this time around.

  4. Francis and Obama are a lot alike. They both want to fundamentally transform (in a very bad way) the institutions they lead. Also Obama has caused more division between Americans just as Francis has caused more division between Catholics by their words and deeds.

  5. God bless you for fighting the good fight!

  6. IMHO the problem with the Pope is that he has a Protestant mind, not a Catholic mind. He can’t stand doctrine, dogma, tradition, or rules (except for his own rules!). If only there had been a Protestant seminary in the Argentina of his youth, then the Church could have been spared this disaster.

  7. He’s doing exactly what his master doing that he’s twisted, distorted everything from Christ’s teachings, Church’s doctrines to nature’s laws. His moral attacks had been very successful which are liberal, modernistic, confusing, absent-minded intellectuals as well as adulterers, sodomites, sexual perverts considered as a precious gift, “A guidelines to hell”. May Lord Jesus Christ thwart his evil agenda and put him away before it’s getting worse. Oremus.

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