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The Heretic Between Adultery And Sodomy


As the days of the Synod approach, we know that two main points are on the heretics' agenda: adultery and sexual perversion.

Some very interesting contributions have been written to the effect that the adultery issue was meant to be the Trojan Horse for the “laundering” of homosexuality. I personally have the following views on the matter:

1. As numbers go, adultery is a far more pressing issue for Father Heretic than sodomy. Among the nominal Catholics in his parish there will easily be 50 public adulterers for every public dyke or sodomite, and whilst fags have relatives who may well “symphatise” this is no less true for the adulterers. Basically, if the German Pater Haeretisch wants to garner consensus and Kirchensteuer-money around him adultery beats sodomy hands down. Adultery's laundering is also, undoubtedly, his main economic interest.

2. However, Pater Haeretisch may well be a pervert himself, and in this case the matter of sodomy will touch him in a rather more striking way, the usual conflict of the sodomite – the knowledge that he is wrong, dirty, and a pervert – being amplified by his supposedly being a man of God. One can imagine for many of these Pater Schwulette the issue is more pressing than even the Ka-ching of the parish tills.

3. The one aim does not negate the other. Adultery is, grave as it is, a sin that still goes with nature. Sexual perversion is, as going against nature, a completely new ball game. There is no imagining that the laundering of sins against nature would not achieve, a fortiori, the result of laundering sins according to nature. Even an atheist immediately recognises – though he may not admit it to you – the substantial difference between the two situations, because sins that go against natural law are etched in the conscience of every man however big his effort to conceal it.

Therefore, at the Synod we will have a highly explosive mixture of issues which touch the wallet of the heretics and issues which torments them. They have Francis on their side, but Christ is against them.

How thus battle will end in the end, you already know. But we want it to have an end, actually, sooner that “in the end”.

We must continue to denounce adultery as well as sodomy; the faggot priest as well as the avid or simoniacal one; the sins that go with nature as well as those that go against it.

Francis and his army of clowns will not prevail. Not in the end but, preferably, not in October either.


Satan At Work

Pope who am I to judge in a very typical gesture...

Let us examine the programme of the Evil Clown for the foreseeable future.

1) Second half of September: America trip. Francis will legitimise and pamper one of the cruelest Communist regimes ever. Then he will move to the USA, where he will indirectly but clearly push for illegal immigration, environMentalism, the socialisation of Western economies, and the atrocious UN program of world governance and (though Francis will pretend not to like this) population control. Expect a lot of off-the-cuff rubbish about “inclusion”. Expect an awful lot of CO2 emissions, too….

2) Synod. It is clear Francis will be pushing a heretical agenda as much as he can. If he feels strong enough to adopt Kasperism, he will do. If not, he will push it as far as he can without being thrown out of the window himself. Expect an awful lot of vague language about “pastoral work” and (again) “inclusion” and “acceptance” meant at accommodating the German-speaking heretics as much as possible.

3) Year of False Mercy. Whatever the outcome of the Synod, a great Heretical Offensive is already scheduled, starting from December. Justice is “out”, Mercy is “in”. Expect relentless rhetoric of unconditional salvation given either for the asking (without the repenting) or just for the breathing (without even the asking). More fodder for German heretics, of course.

The path for the next fifteenth months seems very clear: Pope-driven satanic deception everywhere. Dalai-Lama-ing like there's no tomorrow. No rhetoric too stupid, no comparison too absurd.

This appears to be the programme. The programme appears to have been written without considering its addressees: devout Catholics. it is a course in prostitution of Catholicism to the heathenish masses. It is as satanical as it can be reasonably imagined before the False Prophet.

With God's help, it is now for devout Catholics to minimise the damage, and use this Evil Clown as an occasion to re-establish sound Catholicism. With God's help, Satan will not see his plans of maximum destruction realised.

But I think that one thing must be clear to all devout Catholics: irrespective of the degree of wilful complicity of the man, Satan is at work through him. The sooner we realise this, the better equipped we will be to face whatever challenge the future has in store for us.

Prayer, penance, and militancy.

Non praevalebunt.



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