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Easy Annulment: Stuff For The Synod

I do not know whether Francis decided for the publication of the new measures undermining marriage in order to look good in the United States of Sodomy, or simply in order to avoid this particular controversy in October.

What I know is that the problem is there; and once the problem has been created every reasoning along the lines of “the decision is taken now” is merely complicity with the evil.

Francis has changed the rules concerning marriage annulment. Every sensible Catholic with a healthy dose of respect for the Sacraments and fear of the Lord must see how these changes undermine the value of the sacrament both in its actual practice and in its wider perception among the Great Uninstructed.

As such, the new rules directly impinge on the main topic of the Synod: the family.

I hope that both in the weeks to come and during the synod harsh criticism will come from Bishops and Cardinals concerning the all-too-predictable result of this further example of anti-Catholic activism. It's not that the Bishop have a duty to criticise the Pope only if he is being more or less vaguely heretical. They have a duty to criticise him whenever he does something objectively harmful to souls. Yesterday's ukase is just a prime example of that.

Marriage is being undermined from the very top. Surely, most Bishops must see it.

What will they do?



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