Easy Annulment: Stuff For The Synod

I do not know whether Francis decided for the publication of the new measures undermining marriage in order to look good in the United States of Sodomy, or simply in order to avoid this particular controversy in October.

What I know is that the problem is there; and once the problem has been created every reasoning along the lines of “the decision is taken now” is merely complicity with the evil.

Francis has changed the rules concerning marriage annulment. Every sensible Catholic with a healthy dose of respect for the Sacraments and fear of the Lord must see how these changes undermine the value of the sacrament both in its actual practice and in its wider perception among the Great Uninstructed.

As such, the new rules directly impinge on the main topic of the Synod: the family.

I hope that both in the weeks to come and during the synod harsh criticism will come from Bishops and Cardinals concerning the all-too-predictable result of this further example of anti-Catholic activism. It's not that the Bishop have a duty to criticise the Pope only if he is being more or less vaguely heretical. They have a duty to criticise him whenever he does something objectively harmful to souls. Yesterday's ukase is just a prime example of that.

Marriage is being undermined from the very top. Surely, most Bishops must see it.

What will they do?



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  1. Last night, I was walking into an “advanced biblical studies” class behind some women who were talking about how wonderful it is that you could have an annulment in as little as three weeks and you don’t even have to go through the second tribunal, etc, etc. In order to be in the advanced class, you had to have graduated from the 4 year archdiocesan biblical school. So we have all read the whole bible in 4 years, and now we are all taking classes to go even deeper. For example, we probably spent 4 or 5 weeks on Acts of the Apostles before we graduated, and now we have signed up to give Acts another 10 or so weeks.

    So all of us in this class have read the same bible. You know, the one where Jesus says that Moses only gave divorce because their ancestors were thick. That bible. I don’t know how much more instructed they could be. These women are older then me, probably in their mid to late fifties, so of that feminist hippy era….so it’s not only the “great uninstructed” but the “well instructed but don’t give a crap anyway and spent all of that time and hundreds of dollars of your own money going to this class 2 hours a week for 30 weeks plus 4 hours of homework a week a year for four years and still don’t get it.”

    120 weeks (30 weeks x 4 years) x 6 hours of work a week (including 2 hour class and 4 hours homework) = 720 hours.

    Thick as bricks. We need to pray, pray, pray.

  2. Just in case you haven’t see the video…

  3. On another blog, I read that Canon 1676 has been removed by Francis: Canon 1676, in the 1983 Code, which reads:

    “Before he accepts a case and whenever there appears to be hope of success, the judge is to use pastoral means to persuade the spouses that, if it is possible, they should perhaps validate their marriage and resume their conjugal life.”

    Furthermore, Francis, the pope of collegiality, has taken this unilateral action ( the new ‘rules’ for the declaration of nullity), despite the fact that two upcoming books, the one by 11 Cardinals, and the one from Africa are going to be published – that look at, and propose sound pastoral solutions to the problems of marriages that are in trouble.

    This Pope has no wish to do the very difficult work of finding and supporting true solutions that align with what the Church has always taught about the institution of Marriage.

  4. Soooooo….Pope Francis is having a Synod on the Family to supposedly help the family…while at the same time making it incredibly easy to destroy the family via annulment. Pope Francis the Destroyer. May Our Lord have mercy on him and us. God bless~

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