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Who Is The Pharisee Now?

The new rules about annulment may well make of the Catholic sacrament of marriage – better said, of its indissolubility as perceived by the populace – a tragic farce.

In a world in which most people think in term of “rights”, and think they have the right to get whatever they want, there will be no scarcity of people ready to (wink wink) lie to a priest willing to (wink wink) believe the lie, particularly in those dioceses in which the bishops will steer things towards a very frequent use of the “fast track” procedure; fast track for which a lie, or two lies, will be enough.

Therefore, we will have the situation of countless annulments that are the fruits of a lie, and are therefore sacrilegious.

God will not be mocked, but I am sure most of those progressive priests and laymen will not be worried by that in the least.

“My marriage has been annulled”, will Mrs Pious Adulterer say. “That's what the competent authorities have stated. Therefore, I am completely fine!”.

Francis is here – in that satanical way so typical of his – encouraging exactly that kind of pharisaism he so frequently criticises. It is actually tragically amusing to see how the devil mocks even the pope, forcing him to assume all those traits he criticises in others: the stunning hypocrisy of playing poor and living like a king, preaching co2 reduction and travelling around the planet with a big entourage, criticising gossip and spending half of his time insulting everyone, criticising legalism and propose the demolition of Sacraments from a purely legalistic perspective.

Francis' attack on marriage is the definitive example of Pharisaism. I am sure he feels very smart because of it, though. Fool.

God will not be mocked. Every sound Christian will know what a marriage promise is, and will be terrified of playing with it. The reprobates who will abuse the system using the huge doors to abuse Francis has (wink, wink) opened to them are reprobates anyway.

God will not be mocked. Who is the Pharisee now?




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