Easy Annulments: The Foxes In Charge Of The Henhouse

When society had the right priorities, the likes of Monsignor Pinto did not go very far.

Rorate Caeli has the translation of an article appeared in Italian on the day the papal ukase was published. I suggest a strong camomile before you read it. The article is penned by Monsignor Pio Vito Pinto, the chap in charge of the amateurish reform possibly already about to implode.

The biggest pearls as I can see them:

1) If Francis wants to bend the rules for you, you will be made “honorary poor”.

2) Adulterers are now officially poor.

3) For the poor there are other rules than for the non-poor. To them, only mercy applies.

4) The Bishops must come around to see this, and change the way Christianity always thought, because…

5) Christ himself wants it, as manifested in the glorious actions of the Merciful Clown.

6) All this will lead to a vast increase in the number of annulments. So it wasn't about money or speed after all. It was about freeing the “poor” of this terrible burden, a sacrament.

This is satanical. Simply satanical.

I miss the old, dear auto da fe. Those were Christian times. These here are times where people obviously owned by Satan are put in charge by the Pope of changing the annulment process and tampering with the Sacraments.

Time to kick the man out. I hope many bishops will read the article linked to by Rorate, and reach the same conclusion.



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  1. Perhaps the Pope has jumped the gun because the opposition of authentic loyal Catholic bishops to this sacrilege would be too great at the Synod? I don’t see how the Francine pope has any authority to make these changes.

  2. It’ll get worse. I’ve just seen the list of papal nominees for the Synod on Rorate Caeli. No-one can be left with any doubt over the evil intentions to smash the Church. It’s the equivalent of handing the faith over to ISIS. Christ will be crucified again.

  3. It’s all emotionalism. The “poor” is used to pull up the emo “awww” and then all you want to do is make them “feel” better, thus the quicky annulment. It is devoid of reason, logic, virtue and sanity. God bless~

  4. He and his minions knew one thing for sure that gay marriage is a hell’s sacrament. Why they support it. Don’t you know?

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