Obama, Francis And The White House Freak Show

The list of people Barack Hussein Obama has invited to meet the Pope reads like the cast of a veritable freak show. From the abortionist nun to the sodomite Proddie who thinks he is a bishop, and from wannabe Catholic perverts to outright trannies in drags, there is everything the Christianophobic heart can desire. Satan’s party, one would be tempted to say, if one had not reason to think Satan himself would not want to be in such disgusting company.

You might say that Body Odour is trying to slap Francis in the face, but this is highly unlikely. Events like this one are carefully planned in advance, and basic diplomacy says that Francis would not be forced to meet anyone he does not want to meet, or does not in the very least accept to meet as, erm, acceptable.

And please reflect: why would Francis not want to meet those people at the White House? Has he not received dissenters and perverts of all sorts himself?

No, the truth is far, far simpler. Obama and Francis want to slap Catholicism in the face together, in a sort of liberal embrace meant to show the world how “mean” and “nasty” those Catholics out there are.

This is what Francis does day in and day out. He does not need Obama for that.

But he will certainly not waste the occasion.


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  1. Look at the bright side: thanks to Bergoglio, there’s no longer need for spiritual discernment, we can know who is who by which side they take, what they do and what they support.

    Bergoglio is helping take masks off.

  2. Yes, yes. Giving Catholics the “bird” so to speak. Positively childish! Another papal inanity.

    Michael Dowd

  3. Mundabor,

    What do you think of the idea of faithful Catholics deluging the Congregation of the Faith, the Apostolic Signatura for example, with letters opposing the annulment process that Pope Francis has introduced?

    I have read comments on several blogs of the effect on this of people who are struggling in their marriages, but want to remain faithful. I’ve also read good analysis on several blogs. If orthodox Catholics, from all over the world, and many of them were to write to the Holy See – – and including praying and fasting – might this make a difference? I really fear the results of what Pope Francis has done.

    I know that petitions have been signed and sent- the one asking Pope Francis to uphold and be clear on the Church’s teachings on marriage, and also asking him to uphold Humanae Vitae. But that was a petition, with many signatures. I’m talking here about a deluge – a veritable flood of letters….what do you think?

    By the way, I will be posting this very question on various other orthodox sites.

    • Interesting question. let me know if you know something more going on.

      However, the Church is not a democracy. What we must push for is, in my eyes, for the bishops to grow a pair and to their job already. The “petition” can never be as effective as two dozen bishops and cardinals making a statement saying what a disgrace you are.

  4. As a Canadian, t.v., newspapers, most everything is American. Am absolutely dreading this visit – B.O. and Jorge, satans right and left hands. As a catholic in the real sense, am dreading this visit even more. The world at this moment in time is completely demonic-is it necessary that the pope be such too. Weeping and praying.

  5. Unless I’ve missed it, there is a noticeable absence of a couple of civilly ‘married’ gay ‘catholics’ who will ask Francis for mercy to allow them to wed in a Catholic church. He would, of course, publicly bless them. There will be amazing pix of Francis blessing all the weirdos who are there at his request. I’m quite sure that a presidential rep would have contacted a cardinal, probably Dolan, to ask Francis who he’d like to be invited, apart from the usual suspects. This has the hands of Francis all over it; a man who finds the attractions of sin irresistible, as your frequently published picture attests.

    • “a man who finds the attractions of sin irresistible”
      very well said.
      But not out of weakness, methinks.
      Rather out of hate for purity and sanctity.

  6. It will be the ‘Star Wars’ bar scene….on steroids.


  7. …only without any of the good guys to set things straight.


  8. Want to bet that the leftist bishop from the Argentine finds some way to take a few shots at Donald Trump? I wouldn’t get all that upset about this pope however. He will strut his hour upon the stage of this world and do what devilment he can and then he will be whisked off the stage and replaced by another and his name and his works will be as forgotten as are the headlines of years gone past. He makes no real mark in history except as a minor villain of the far left and the left seldom honors its dead.

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