An Invitation To The Bishops: ¡Hagan Lío!

The coup de main of the Destroyer concerning marriage is now more than ten days old, and the polemics are raging unabated. The more and more commenters and good Catholics examine the changes, the more it becomes clear that the “streamlining” idea is merely meant to be a Trojan Horse for the demolition of the sacrament of marriage as God intended. When there is the will to damage a sacrament, there is no need of open heresy to achieve the aim.

In my eyes – and, I am sure, in the opinion of every orthodox Catholic who really cares for Christ, His Church and Her Sacraments – the Synod's days must be used for a relentless barrage against the measure, with bishops – both those invited and those not invited to the Synod – vocally asking for the measure to be put on ice until the professionals have had the time to make something sensible out of it.

The motu proprio called Mitis (there are two of them, but it's the same soup in the end) must be relentlessly opposed by the Bishops not only during the Synod, but afterwards, and until things are changed. The more alarm is raised and opposition is voiced now, the easier it will be to get Mitis reversed when the annulments start to rain on the Church like satanic hail.

Therefore, the Bishops who love the Church should, in this, follow Francis' exhortation:

¡Hagan Lio¡


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  1. Here’s another problem: If what you say is true, then the whole theology of sacraments — not just Matrimony — will fall apart. Something that becomes a mediator of divine grace suddenly does not with ex post facto hindsight.

    • Not true. Bad practice does not equate to the end of truth. In reality (that is, in heaven) a sacrament took place or not; and if it took place and the spouses or one of them lie or cut corners to get rid of it, then they will have to answer for it.
      Sacraments do not “fall apart”. God will not be mocked.

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