Ridicule Is Coming



I have often stated that when the planet starts to laugh at the inane blubbering of the Evil Clown, things will begin to change. 

With some pleasure, I take notice that slowly, but surely, some non-Catholic outlets are getting more vocal in regards to the obvious fact that we have a chap talking incessantly without having the faintest idea of what he is talking about. 

These people here got the facts right, and the facts ain’t pretty. The man just does not know what he is talking about, but he insists in opening his mouth at every occasion; hoping it will bring him new popularity, settling old account with the Catholics and the well-situated, or more simply because he loves so much the sound of his voice.

Ridicule is coming. When the non-Catholics press starts mocking Francis as that half-stupid, half-drunken ass that he is we will make great progress in getting rid of at least some of the pernicious effect of the man.

Because remember: being evil doesn’t exclude being stupid. 




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  1. What’s with this guy’s obsession with the murderous Castro brothers?? Did he convert them yet? Oh not that’s right we don’t do that sort of thing anymore. He just visits a near death career criminal and murderer and gives him a letter from some Jesuit he exiled years ago. I don’t think that will do the trick – – but conversion is not Jorge’s bag something tells me.

  2. And he always has the little dig toward normal Catholicism, i.e., “the little convent.” Didn’t St. Bernadette live out her days in a “little convent”? Was she failing to live a Christian life in doing so. He such a rambling Argentinian blowhard.

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