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In Praise Of “Pewsitter”


The “Pewsitter” is for me, and for many others, the go-to site for Catholic orthodoxy. Not only it provides me – and many others – with useful sources of information. Far more importantly, it is a very fast and convenient way to understand that we are not alone, to see how many quality bloggers and devout Catholics have the pockets full of the horrid spectacle we are being forced to witness. 

I tend to avoid personal polemics if I can, and I will try to avoid it now. But let me say that “Pewsitter” has been excellent not only at connecting orthodox Catholics, but also at exposing the lukewarm, the opportunists, and the outright fake.

Yes, I am honoured to write that “Pewsitter” has linked to my posts on many occasions. But you see, I do not make any money from my blog, and pageviews are, therefore, ultimately irrelevant to me. To me, but perhaps not so much to others who deride it.

I invite all my readers to give a try to the “Pewsitter”. If they do it already, I invite them to do so more often.

And yes, in the middle of the battle we need to hear the sound of the trumpet, and value those who give us this ewxtremely valuable help. But this does not mean that we do not pray, or fast, or do penance anyway. Actually, I suspect that the average reader of the “Pewsitter” prays, fasts and does penance far more than the average blogger criticising them.

And no, I will not cancel this post because I am ashamed of its content (I have read the cached page). I will keep it online, because I am proud of it.

Long live Pewsitter. The Truth it so well defends will still be there when all sorts of fake, or wrong Catholics with their little snarky posts have become dust. 


Kneeling In The Age Of Mercy

Kneeling?! Who do you think you are, a Catholic?!




There are many things that anger me in a typical Novus Ordo church: the sanctuary resembling the village's main square, the holy water in minimal quantities and at times well-hidden, or the (rare in England, in my experience) tabernacle away from the main altar.

But one thing that angers me especially is… when there is no place for kneeling in front of the Blessed Virgin. I do not mean that you have to kneel on the stone pavement (a very small but very welcome penance, this one). No, I mean when there is literally no place, and you would be kneeling in the middle of a corridor.

Whenever this happens I detect the pungent smell of the faithless, half-protestantised, Sixty-Eighter “innovator”. You know the type, because one of them is Pope.

The message is clear: firstly, kneeling is very much passé. You can sit comfortably in the pew instead of undergoing this minimal motion indicating a mere modicum of humility, and God who loves you so much because you are so cool would never want you to do something like that. Secondly, it is clear FrancisPriest not only does not want you to kneel in general, but he does not want you to kneel in front of the Blessed Virgin in particular. Hey, some passing Proddie might be offended! We don't want to perpetuate these old customs, do we now? No, you are probably supposed to have a chat with the Blessed Virgin on a “You are very ok, I am ok too” basis. God forbid, you should feel that you are a wretched sinner unworthy of even kneeling. We don't do that anymore in the age of mercy.

One of the signs that sanity is coming back will be the reappearance of proper kneeling facilities in front of the statues of the Blessed Virgin. Alas, we will have of get rid of a lot of insane priests first.



The “Pope Trannie” Reblog

The “Pope Trannie” Reblog

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