Beyond Parody

Pope mocks devout Catholics believing he is the Anti-Christ (of course not, the Anti-Christ will be smarter). He states he is no Anti-Pope (of course not, there is no Pope whose throne he would illicitly claim). He even states he can recite the Creed in order for us to be persuaded. (Of course he can, in fifty years of forced recitation p even the tickest head would manage to learn words in which he does not believe).

The doubts about whether this man has anything Catholic in him have now officially made it to the papal aeroplane. The man must give embarrassed, stupid and more than vaguely arrogant answers to questions that only three years ago would have seemed pure lunacy.

This is beyond parody. At the same time, it is the very real pontificate of Jorge Bergoglio, the Evil Clown.



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  1. I saw the photo of Franky I laughing with Obama and some cardinal trying to ingratiate himself-as always with some of the Hierarchy- and I thought of what Jesus said that Friendship with the world is enmity with God .

  2. I believe he is an antipope, and also the False Prophet of The Apocalypse. I don’t think he can be defended by trad (orthodox) Catholics any longer. Sister Lucia of Fatima said we are living in the last days and gave us the verse in the Book of Revelation that we were living in today. Chapter 13:18 “Here is wisdom…” Also remember the prophecy of Our Lady at La Salette!

  3. This entire squalid, ersatz Catholic dog and pony show of a papal visit takes one’s breath away. The bishop of Rome is cray-cray.

  4. I must chuckle, M. I read of that weird “anti-Christ/sans red shoes” interview yesterday and thought you, in particular, would not resist commenting on that spectacle. How I wish it was all just a bad dream.

    Is he “dangerous” as Hillary White over at the Remnant writes today? I think so too. He is a dangerous buffoon.

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