Let Your Yea Be Yea

I have written only yesterday one post in praise of “Pewsitter”. The reason for that is that a Catholic blogger had started a rather snarky attack on him (and I know why: because he has been criticised on the site), and this attack was promptly echoed by the Snarky Attack Supremo of “c”atholic blogdom himself. No names here, because this is a Catholic blog and we should not engage in public attacks if we can avoid it, lest the atheists laugh. 

The first site pulled its blog post. I notice now that the second site pulled its blog post, too.

My suggestion is that these people – who are supposed to be reputable bloggers – think twice about what they post; and when they post it, let it stay there. If they did so, they would obviously avoid posting such rubbish. And if they really did, they would at least have the dignity and balls to state to the entire blogging world: “this is what I think”.

This blog isn’t for the faint-hearted. But I never pull a blog post because of the reasons that moved the two above mentioned guys to pull theirs. What I write, I write in front of the Blessed Virgin, to the best of my knowledge and conscience, and hoping to be of service to Truth. Then it stays on the blog, too.      

Let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay. 

Otherwise you will look like a child playing with dangerous toys. 


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  1. Sadly, we sometimes will post some comment out of emotion (or anger) prior to reading it and really thinking about how it sounds. We are all human and at least these two folks appear to feel that their initial post was wrong. Yes, if they felt it was wrong, they should come forward and apologize for the error but, you know the modern thinking is that us men can’t show any weakness or we arn’t really men, right. Sometimes we musts swallow our pride and humbly apologize. It is amazing the good results of showing a little Christian humility.

    • Cobol, when you are a blogger with a worldwide readership the humility must come before the posting, not after. By the by, in this case I have not seen any apology (yet). The posts have been simply removed.
      In one case, it is not the first time for a blunder like that.
      Seriously: if you can’t control yourself, don’t blog.

  2. Great advice for other bloggers! And also for commenters.

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