Chilling Our Blood.

Once strongly Christian Country imposes sexual perversion on its largely already perverted population. President of said Contry lets his office and residence be lighted in the colours of the perverts, and celebrates their depravity.

Pope visits the Congress of this Country, and his President. No mention of sanity in matters of sexual morality that I can detect up to now. I do not expect anything going beyond the vaguest of allusions, made to appease the stupid, who will see in his words what he knows only they will see.

Today, though, we are treated to an invitation to avoid “harsh language”. What Christ would thinks of this, I do not even ask.

Who is worse: the perverted judges of the Supreme Court of such Country, its President, or the Pope who clearly supports them as much as he can?

The first two are certainly satanical.

But the third one, he is the one that truly chills your blood.



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    • This is old soup, Francisco.
      Firstly, this would make of Francis a noon-pope, never an Antipope. An Antipope is a man who challenges a validly elected Pope and has a believable (if defective) claim to the papacy.
      Secondly, the argument that Francis is not validly elected because there was some canvassing does not make sense. It would make any and all papal elections suspect for all days to come because people, you know, talk. If you search the Internet you will find valid theologians examinations of this claim, I frankly have no time and no inclination for such fantasies.

  1. …and the Catholic Pollyanas make my blood boil.

  2. Mr. M – as an American, I can’t disagree with anything you’ve just said. I was born in the late 1950’s and the America I knew, the America I love, is gone. What exists today is a tragedy. It’s a country that the majority of the people have allowed to be hijacked. The worse thing about it is what has happened to the Church. I work for a Catholic parish in New York and EVERY person, except me and one other employee, love this Pope. And of course, they all voted for Obama as well. These last seven years have been torturous.

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