Francis Loses The Mainstream Media


This excellent* article about Pope Francis is now several days old, but I think it is well worth an extra blog post. 

In my eyes, it marks the definitive end of not only the “Francis Effect” (which has never existed beyond a predictable “novelty effect”), but of the tolerant attitude of the mainstream media concerning the continuous blunders and obvious incompetence and lack of basic intelligence of the man. The fact is, if a man thinks like an ass, talks like an ass and behaves like an ass, at some point the press will have to acknowledge that he is an ass or lose every credibility with the readers.

You read in this article phrases that I never thought (before 2013) I would read on the Washington Post about any Pope, ever. I do not even post examples, because in Mr Will’s article they are an incessant cannonade. 

Is the man angry at the Church? Maybe, but he makes a solid argument for the absolute incompetence and vacuity of the man. His criticism is linked not to the Church’s ideology, but to those huge shortcomings of the man that everyone with a functioning brain can see without any difficulty.

Mr Will also, and very fittingly, tells us the man is just a plain cretin. This, an outlet like the Washington Post would never write openly. Therefore, the author uses kind euphemisms, like when he slams “his woolly sentiments that have the intellectual tone of fortune cookies” or that veritable pearl, “[Francis] neglects the duty to be as intelligent as one can be”.

Note here that even one who writes that the Church thought that is was “settled science that Galileo was heretic” (ruler on Mr Will’s fingers for that, and he should document himself better before writing such nonsense) still he gets very well that “Secular people with anti-Catholic agendas drain his prestige, a dwindling asset, into promotion of policies inimical to the most vulnerable people and unrelated to what once was the papacy’s very different salvific mission”. (emphasis mine).

Francis enjoyed a “Pope bonus”. That bonus is now gone. You can’t tell the world that in the man in white we have in front of us an 1A, ISO-certifiable, incompetent ass. But at some point, you’ll have to hint at it, and all but say it for your intelligent readers. Because at some point, your very credibility will be on the line. 

*No. I do not approve of everything he writes, nor will you. Still: excellent.   

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  1. Awesome article by Mr. Will. I love the fact that this article has been read by so many people, of all different stripes.

  2. Ok just watched his agonizing address to Congress. First of all, what is with this little “Queen of England” wave he does?? He is supposed to moving his hand in the configuration of the Cross; he is supposed to be imparting a blessing. He just “waves” like he’s at a tennis match.

    Not one mention of Jesus Christ in his speech. Not one. Not even a Praise by Jesus Christ”.
    Abortion basically ignored. The virtually non-existent death penalty bitched about. Family is never addressed as a man and woman.

    I’m going to start calling him Pope Omen I. Disgusted.

    • Absolutely shameful, I agree. And yes, no mention as to the proper configuration of the family as man and woman and their children. Catholics need to hear this from our Pope! Oh, how they need to hear that! I have acquaintances who are regular communicants who support same-sex marriage. So in their minds it’s just another family configuration. It is demoralising. He threw faithful Catholics not one measly crumb. What a gasbag, what a poseur, what a disgraceful person he is.

    • This is why I am never happy when I hear that Francis or some Bishop would be good because “they support the family”. I want to know what they do *not* support…

  3. Not only is Pope Francis a moral cretin, but he is turning the Catholic Church into a laughing stock.

    Theologically, Francis is hatching the egg that John Paul II laid.

    As far as turning the church into a laughing stock goes, Francis is hatching the egg that the Apologetics-Industrial Complex (Shea, Longenecker, Madrid, Keating, Scalia, Akin, et al) laid about 25 years ago.

  4. Crisis magazine, which is generally edifying, can’t stomach George Will’s assessment of the Bishop of Rome. Papolatry lives.

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