Toxic Emissions

Francis was just feeling very talkative...

The Volkswagen emissions scandal is now everywhere and I am pretty sure we have not heard the last about it, as the digging into what has happened (perhaps not only at Volkswagen?) is, methinks, just beginning.

It occurred to me that there is another chap, well-known to all of us, whose toxic emissions are 40 or 50 times the maximum allowed. How I wish a tweaking of some software, a re-engineering of his internal working could rapidly bring his level of toxicity within the norm!

Alas, we do not have such a system. But the Church does have its own EPA, and this body should actually do its work with much more zeal than the EPA itself. I am talking of our Bishops and Cardinals, who have seen the Evil Clown spewing pure anti-Catholic venom for too long now, and should slowly but surely start to act and put an end to this Anti Catholic Emissions festival.

Many signals indicate that the Catholic EPA may be working, behind the scene, to achieve such an objective. May their work be crowned with success. Prayer and penance. Penance and prayer.

We have had enough of this toxic papacy.



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  1. I stoped being shocked by the trash that Bergoglio vomits whenever he speaks, here in Argentina we know the kind of evil clown he is: he’s always said he’s peronist, he has openly supported Castro’s dictatorship and the rumors about his homosexuality has been circulating here for decades… I only hope the rest of the world gets to know him as much as we did.

  2. What “signals” could you possibly be referring to that have any authority, “behind the scenes” outside of an out and out schism? I didn’t hear the name “Jesus” uttered once today in his fireside chat with Congress.

  3. Touche! Taken under advisement. Amazing chat with Congress. He was surrounded by adoring/weeping devotees, Kerry, Biden, Pelosi, Boehner (all weepy eyed) and even a sound asleep Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. How many of these (above, with exception of Jewish Ginsburg) should actually be excommunicated, or at least forbidden from receiving the Eucharist? Quite fascinating. I don’t hold out much hope for any kind of coup having any success in the Vatican. The authors of this circulating document better start walking backwards, or keep their heads on a swivel.

  4. To the first commenter: your message reminded me of some horrible things I was told some months after Franziskus was announced as the new Pope, to think that a Sodomite is the Pope is disgusting beyond belief! I didn’t believe it back them but after “Who I am to judge homosexuals” and Monsignor Ricca and all the pro-Homosexual ranting I am starting to consider that maybe things are even worse than they already seemed. May the lord have mercy ours your soul and this rotten papacy ends soon!

    • I don’t know if he is.
      But after all he has done (the homosexual priest he protects and promotes, the pro-homo priest he has received, the homos he has also received) who would have the right to say “I am surprised” if he were?

  5. Cardinal Daneels…nuff said?

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