Losing The Battle

Observing the press around Francis' movements and speeches one common theme is apparent: Francis is seen as someone who wants to make the Church different from what she is. There is Francis here, and the Church there, and the two are undoubtedly different. Even those who have an interest in supporting Francis in order to sabotage the Church are forced to do so by stressing how different he is; and, by reflex, how he is sabotaging the Church.

This is a self-defeating narrative. Once it is clear that Francis is different, it must follow for every Catholic that he is wrong, as even my cat understands that the differences here are substantial and not merely cosmetic.

Francis was not able to attack Catholicism on the sly, like a smarter man than he would have done. His lack of basic prudence and sufficient intelligent – coupled with a great theological ignorance, making him unable to detect his huge blunders before they are tweeted worldwide – make this attack obvious, and impossible to be explained away with any sort of Catholic continuity. But at this point, he has lost already. Who will believe him? Those who have an interest in following him even knowing he is wrong. But this is no surprise, and no news. If the Pope declared his allegiance to Satan he would become the darling of Satanists. It is, therefore, no surprise that he should be popular among perverts, communists, enviro-nuts and public, unrepentant adulterers.

This may be all good for a headline or three. Only it isn't Catholicism, and everyone understands it. It is clear by now that no matter how many headlines are written about Francis, they are always about the difference from, not the adherence to, Cathoicism.

This is why Francis has lost the battle. He will always have the wrong crowd on his side, but he will never have the Catholics! They will be, they already are horrified from him! These Catholics may well be a minority, but they will always be those who get to define what Catholicism is even for all the others, exactly in the same way every outsider knows the orthodox Jew is the “real” Jew, and the “progressive” Jew is merely a secular chap using religion as a social tool.

You can't demand that two and two be five and present yourself as a Math teacher. You can't demand that alcohol be freely available to everyone and candidate as head of the League of Temperance. You can't demand that communion be available to adulterers and present yourself as a true Catholic.

Francis has lost the battle. He could not get Catholics on his side, and they will be his doom in life and after death. He is now irredeemably branded – and rightly so – as a subversive and enemy of the Church. He may rape the Church, but he will never win her.

He will always be remembered as the rapist, not the protector. He may carry with him the abortionists, the perverts, the nutcases of all sorts. But the battle for Catholic hearts and minds, that is now lost forever.



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  1. Mundabor, sir, I hope to God you are right!

  2. Excellent Mundabor!! This is why many folks like Francis but not the Catholic Church because Francis himself does not much cotton to the Catholic faith. You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of people who admire him.

  3. That is a consoling thought. I suppose that if the great ‘atheist’ George Will can give a basic outline of what a Pope does, and explain that Francis is doing the opposite, the rest of the world can see the same. It is not as if there is any subtlety in Francis. Sooner or later (and I hope it’s sooner!) this theatrical tragedy will come to an end. Thank you for this post.

  4. Excellent post, couldn’t be more clear. Thank you.

  5. Mundy.I hope they dress him down big style at the sin-od !!He is an absolute disgrace and a very,very bad apology for a Bishop of Rome.

  6. Those who hate the Church and all that she represents with the greatest intensity, eg. Rachael Maddow, of MSNBC, are Francis’ biggest fans, absolutely gaga over his pestilential peregrinations. They think , like many another quack, crank and heretic that through him the fashionable creeds of the the hour are triumphing over the Church which will henceforward cease to trouble them or, better yet, become a semi-religious vehicle for the dissemination of their way of not thinking. They will be sadly disappointed for as Chesterton noted “The Church dies and rises again from the grave” throughout her history and those nasty old tradition minded Catholics, so despised by the world, who actually worry about things having to do with heaven and hell and the avoidance of the latter in favor of the former are going to be back in charge as never before and this time completely armored against them and itching for the field of battle against them and they shall be cut down by the sword of St. Michael as is the wheat at harvest time under the great blades of the harvester.

  7. Karl Denninger has a great post about Francis and the expression “do as I say, not as I do.” You could google “Market Ticker” and it will pop up. I don’t know how you feel about external links. Anyway, Francis’ security detail sweep away a lot of the homeless for his Philadelphia Mass. While Francis wants everyone else to take in, except risks, and help the homeless, which are almost 100% addicted to drugs or have other mental problems, he himself has his security detail cleanup and move the homeless so he does not have to take the risk himself. I don’t remember Jesus every telling his security detail (the apostles) to keep the homeless away.

  8. Very well said: Very common sensing, very straight fowarding, very understandable and very simple analysis. Thanks a trillion.

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