As self-righteous as they come: the liberals.


“self-righteous: having or characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior”.

The expression “self-righteous” (in Italian, rather, the expression “sanctimonious”was used) is generally referred to those people who think themselves superior, or morally better, than the average folk out there. 

In the past, the expression was normally referred to people who were, in fact, pious, though certainly imperfect at least in the appreciation of those criticising them.

Why was it so? Very obviously, because there were universally accepted rules of right and wrong, and an all-dominating Christian ethics, which made it easy for everyone to have the same moral coordinates and the same rules of conduct, though people might have varied in the way they managed to keep to them. 

This has changed in the last two or three generations but, interestingly, the vocabulary has not kept pace with the changed thinking. 

In modern times, you will find an awful lot of people – and the more superficial they are, the more easily they will have this trait) who are “characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior”. 

No, they aren’t the old rosary-counters Francis despises so much. On the contrary, they are their enemies. people, that is, who have made an entire system of cosmic right and wrong for themselves, and think this home-made potpourri of banality and stupidity the non plus ultra of human wisdom. 

What is this, if not the very embodiment of self-righteousness in its stupidest, most arrogant form? 

Clealry, the idiots continuously spitting such epithets cannot think straight – or cannot think at all -; because if they did, they would clearly see that the shortcoming they reproach in the others is present in them in a vastly bigger scale.

We live in an age of self-righteousness like no age before ours has ever seen; an age in which countless people think, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, that they actually can decide what is right and what is wrong. But they don’t call this self-righteousness. They call, absurdly, “self-righteousness” the submission of others to a system of rules these others have not made, and humbly accept as vastly superior to themselves. A system of rules that is not easy for anyone – not for those who propose it, either – and requires from its supporters the same sacrifices as from all others.

It is nonsensical, and paradoxical. It is as if Stalin would accuse his enemies of being “totalitarian”, or Hitler his of being “antisemitic”.

There can be, by definition, no more self-righteous person than the one who claims a god-like ability to decide about the right and wrong of absolutely everything and anything for himself. But do they see it? Oh no.

When they say “self-righteous”, they always mean you.  




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  1. In my decades long journey from atheism to probably Catholic (let’s not nitpick the phrasing) one of the things realized is that no human came up with the ten commandments. They are clearly God given. It’s hard to see because they have been around for so long but no human or group of humans could do profoundly succint in any age.

    • Well, let us think this further then. If the Commandments are God given, then Christ is authentically God, then it is inconceivable that God would allow His religion to be colonised, “stolen away” by an impostor claiming to be God. if, then, Christ is God, then the Church he founded is the only Church; it being, again, inconceivable that God would create one church with such strong words as you find in the Gospel and mean that he was, basically, joking or trying to impress the present.

  2. That should say ” could be so profoundly succint”

  3. A perfect example in my country is the people on national television who read the news. They believe their job is to ‘explain’ it for us, so that we will understand it ‘correctly’. This is particularly so around liberal topics. Politicians do this as well. And a very funny group: Hollywood movie people, who seem to think their ‘star status’ has come about, not because of a lack of morals, but because of a gift of great understanding. Hence, they dogmatically espouse global warming, over-population, etc, etc. Hmmm, this sounds familiar now that I say it. 😉

  4. Lived with a vegetarian ( from Italy as well) that always looked down on us meat lovers. Thought himself pure as a result

  5. Right you are, Mr. Mundabor. Working in the public sector, I hear the word “intolerant” used very much the same way. And…you could not have found a better graphic 😀

  6. He’s more famous than a movie star. With the help of evil media the whole world will worship him as a prophet who was sent by God (actually sent by the Prince of Darkness) to lead people. Instead of guiding them to Heaven he will push them down to hell exactly what his assignment is.

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