What Shall I Say…



May God always guide and protect this, His loyal servant.

Not for the first time, the honesty and courage of this man take my breath away.

It is because the Church of Christ produces priests like Father Dickson that she will never be defeated. 



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  1. I have followed Fr. Dickson for some time now. He is a very fine priest and has some rare insight to many things well worth reading about. As you say, a Loyal Servant of Christ.

  2. This is also very good:

    If it doesn’t paste in its entirety, go to the Stumbing Block.

  3. Traditional [for want of a better word] clergy tend to face discrimination and persecution to a lesser or greater degree. Fr. Dickson and his like walk a tightrope. One priest, a few years ago, instituted his parish as “bi-ritual” with the full panoply of Benediction, Confession, et al in support. The parishioners were happy, the bishop, diocesan curia and priestly association were not amused. The upshot, the parish closed down and the priest rendered itinerant.

    They all deserve our prayers and practical support.

  4. Thank you. I had not read his Update. I am so grateful for priests such as Fr. Dickson. They are the true pastors that bolster our hope in the Truths of the Faith. I just offered a few Hail Marys for him, which you often suggest!

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