The Satanic Verses




“To raise doubts about the working of the Spirit, to give the impression that it cannot take place in those who are not ‘part of the group’, who are not ‘like us’, is a dangerous temptation,” the Holy Father said Sept. 27.

“Not only does it block conversion to the faith; it is a perversion of the faith!”

Thus the Evil Clown at the final mass in Philadelphia.

It would be difficult to find, in this endlessly talking pope, other examples of heresy and blasphemy described in such a concise way.

Let us see the ways in which Satan works through this man.

  1. Catholics do not doubt the work of the Holy Spirit. So much so, that they think that the Holy Spirit guards the Church from the ultimate damage those like Francis would like to inflict on Her. The contrary is the case: those who, literally, doubt the working of the Holy Spirit are exactly those who think that the Church has got it wrong up to now. And please, can’t this man just say “Holy Spirit” as generations of Catholics before him have done? He seems to have an instinctive aversion for all that is holy. I wonder why.
  2. This is pure “Francispeak”:  in an absurd argumentative jump with no logic or explanation, to “doubt the Spirit” equates to “giving the impression that it cannot take place in those who are not part of the group”. The logical jump is unexplained and unacceptable, and the reasoning is wrong in itself. No, you Evil Clown, the Holy Ghost can work in all those who are “out of the group”, prompting them to want to get in abandoning their errors and evil ways.  This clothed ass wants us to believe that when the Holy Ghost works in a murderer, he can then become part of the group as an unrepentant murderer.
  3. In the crowning of this purely, purely satanic progression Francis then proceeds to tell us that if you do not embrace this kind of “free for all”, you (not him, mind: you) are perverting the faith! Er, well, no. You can only pervert the faith by letting it become something different from what it has always been. This is most certainly exactly what Francis is doing. He is the blasphemer and the pervert, not us.

This man truly exceeds every boundary of decency. He does so profiting from the prestige and authority given to him in virtue of his being the Pope; authority and prestige that is rapidly sinking anyway; particularly among Catholics, a fact of which we receive new confirmations with now increased frequency (try here for the latest example).

The man talks like a drunken idiot, or a man willingly choosing Satan. There’s nothing Catholic in him. Nothing whatever. His religion is social envy, his outlook a purely socialist one, his mission the destruction of the Church he hates so much.

Please, God, in your own time, free us from this evil man.



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  1. well, actually Bergoglio might be right. I found that spirit within de Church and without (not holy though). The same spirit that get’s people in prayer groups talk about the latest hits in their yoga retreat or how illuminating transcendental meditation is, especially to the chacras.

    It’s painful, but I’m sure God will free his children from evil, yes, in his time.

  2. Pope Francis–a pope in name only, as religious as President Obama, as moral Cardinal Kasper, as manipulative as Niccolò Machiavelli. Bottom line: an unmitigated disaster to anyone wishing direction on how to get to heaven. Let us pray for him; let us pray that few souls will be lost because of him.
    Michael Dowd

  3. Mundabor! Help me understand why this pope said Jesus’s life ended in failure at the cross!!! Are we misinterpreting him again???

  4. Maybe he isn’t talking about the Holy Spirit but a different spirit

  5. He’s not drunk or stupid. I’m sure that he’s totally possessed. His evil spirit is subtly “smart ass”, but never be able to defeat the Holy Spirit. That’s why he and his NWO (New World Order) minions underestimated Jesus Christ by cheating and manipulating election. They ignore, has no fear of the Lord and don’t give a damn about automatic excommunication since their souls all belong to hell already. Mundabor has asked us not losing heart that Jesus eventually will take care of His Church. I firmly believe that. Sursum corda.

  6. Mad, I think he said that “humanly speaking” it ended in failure of the cross.

    But even with this qualification it is still absurdly wrong-headed and unCatholic. Jesus’s death on the cross – – even from a purely human perspective – – was a masterstroke against the Devil. In his perfect humanity and divinity, He outsmarted evil by becoming vulnerable – – by His own choice also. “No one takes my life from me, I lay it down of my own accord.” He freely went to the Cross, he wasn’t taken their against His will. Francis doesn’t seem to grasp this basic truth of Christianity.

    To even think of this act as a “failure” is just weird to my ears. It is how the unconverted Jews of the day viewed it. Francis is just weird.

  7. Mundabor. I don’t think you’re missing anything. You’re just humble. I’ve get it from all your articles that revealed and exposed him as a liberal, modernist, heretic, communist and evil clown who is so subtle and cunning trying to destroy the Church from within. You probably don’t pay any attention that he plays dumb and stupid in order to fool people. He’s highly skillful and insidious, big liar. He will lure many atheists, sodomites, adulterers, sinners and lukewarm Catholics to hell and he will cause heavy damage to the Church. How many cardinals, bishops, priests, lay people and faithful-ignorant Catholics stay on his side attacking the Christ’s Church. He could be a pure evil! God have mercy.

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