After The Battle Is Before The Battle

I read around about the dismay of good, sincere Catholics at the Synod being “non conclusive” and the heretics continuing their evil work after it.


The Pope is an obvious heretic (material, for now) and a blatant enemy of Catholicism. As long as a commie heretic is in power there is no human hope that heretics will be silenced. If you desire the silencing of the heretics, you must desire the end of this Extremely Shitty Pontificate. I am sorry to have to break it to you, but it's time to smell the air around you and draw the consequences.

Personally, I would be extremely happy for every outcome that avoids any kind of formal pronouncement, motu proprio or other official heretical papal nonsense. Were it to be so, the entire synod would be unmasked as a very expensive exercise which failed in its obvious aim of gravely undermining Catholic doctrine.

Would there be, after that, an army of heretics among bishops and cardinals? Of course there would be, their head is still there! It is unrealistic to think that Francis could be any part of the solution, because Francis is 100% part of the problem!

Let us hope and pray that this shameless synod goes by without major earthquakes, and it's soon as forgotten as Francis' camera-driven love for wheelchairs, or Ford cars.

One step at a time. One madness at a time. One day, sanity will triumph.



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  1. On the feast of St. Michael …orthodox cardinals and bishops have responded to the instrumentum laboris. How wonderful!

  2. Yes, one fine day, the Immaculate Heart will Triumph. Pray, Hope and do not worry- bear everything in peace.

  3. Ronald Sevenster

    If this ( is true, Francis will soon be a formal heretic. But almost nobody will care. They’ll all cave in.

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