The Papal Flop

Francis on being informed about the attendance number

How the clowns have fallen! The Mass in Philadelphia might have “attracted” (read: not repulsed) less than 80,000.

The mind boggles. A Pope visits, and a well-attended football match will attract more people. The Mayor, very appropriately called Nutter, says it's not about the numbers. He would have been happy with a half dozen in his living room, I suppose, but I am sorry to say the excuse does not work.

Let us call this with his name, shall we? This was a big flop.

Francis made everything he could to please the godless – that's what he does all the time, any way -, but being the Pope he had to say, in a way, and en passant, a thing or two that sounded vaguely Catholic. This is enough to deprive him of the status of Most Favourite Idiot by the liberals, whilst the despise and horror of the Catholics continues unabated.

Too weak for the wrong crowd. Utterly heretical for the right one. Already boring for all the others.

That's it. That was it for Frankie The Clown. He is now just another “has been”, ready to be thrown in the rubbish bin of former reality show starlets.

This is what happens to you if you make yourself the whore of popularity. He had to know he had it coming.

Unless he dies or resigns (let me be clear on this: both extremely desirable outcomes) he will live to see his ignominious descent into churchofengland (one word) nothingness, as the serious Catholics refuse to go to hell with him and the others just refuse to have anything to do with him.

What a sad clown this evil clown is.


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  1. I never thought the figures could be so low.

    If 80,000 tickets sold, and not everyone attended, yet you needed a ticket to attend, how could the crowd have been any higher than 80K?

    Simply amazing!

    • Yea. I am also beginning to suspect that the “liberal catholic” is a mythical animal. Those people left the church. Regardless of whether they call themselves catholic or not, they don’t want anything to do with the Church. And they sure as hell will not come out to support Francis. Or any other leftist crack pot who occupies a position of authority in the Church and simultaneously needs to draw a crowd.

    • I’d say those who still lie to themselves still go to church and call themselves “Catholic, but…”.
      But yea, an army of others is just too precious to even call themselves Catholics.

  2. Sorry Francis, John Paul II easily blew your numbers away, on a regular basis.

    Probably because he actually uttered the word Christ with great frequency and toughness.

  3. Poor pathetic Jorge. Serves him right. Sadly he is too stupid or drunk on his own authority- or just plain drunk to see what Catholics, catholics, and the world (now) see.

  4. The contrast between the two just could not be greater. Love of Christ is coming out of John Paul’s eyes there. Love of eternal souls. He is directing everyone to the next work, eternal life.

    I have never heard Jorge talk about eternal life.

  5. I have to admit there is a lot of important issues to talk about during this last “papal” visit, but I am disappointed to find out that there hasn’t been any comment from other Catholic websites in regard the event that was dedicated to the family in Philadelphia. I’m confused now, but was that supposed to be an event directly dedicated to the Catholic family or was it supposed to be an “interfaith” prayer service or far more a concert? What was the purpose behind for bringing that lady Aretha to sing and dance and who for sure belongs to a Protestant sect that it usually antagonizes against the Catholic faith? Why was the purpose for allowing her to dance and lustfully show off one of her legs almost at the very end of her performance? Final issue: I don’t think Frank ever pronounced the name “Jesus”. Why I wonder? Was it because he didn’t want to offend those non-Christians? Or maybe because he indeed hates the Lord? I’ll keep searching about what other critiques other Catholic websites are producing about this event and other events. Thanks Mundabor.

    • The “event” was a mere excuse. That no one cared for it is not bad journalism, but good one.
      I doubt whether Francis believes in Christ’s divinity. His words about the “human failure” sound like the word of a Jew, and his best buddy is a Jew.

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