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The Pope, The Mayor And The President

No, it can't be same-sex marriage

Francis is on record with a public, very harsh dressing down of Mr Marino, the Mayor of Rome. No link, because I don't want to induce you into temptation.

As always, journalists try to explain the sudden outburst with rational arguments. Some say it's because Marino is a vocal promoter of sexual perversion and even euthanasia; other say it's because the Mayor refuses to make infrastructure and other investments in the wake of the Year Of False Mercy. I say: poppycock.

Francis has just finished rubbing his soutane to the trousers of the First Gay President and receives, protects and promotes perverts in any way he can, so it can't be the first reason. The second argument might be more credible – his wish isn't your command, so he is very crossed – but this does not seem the cause of the quarrel either, as in this case Francis should insult by name all politicians who don't follow his “extreme socialism” agenda day in and day out.

No, if you ask me, the reason for Francis' outburst is very simple:

1) He doesn't like the man. The chemistry does not work. That's it, then. This is why the same pope who lives under the roof of an homosexual refuses the accreditation of a homosexual ambassador. Sorry, mate: the man just doesn't like your mug.

2) Marino is about as popular as genital cancer. Francis can kick him whilst he is on the ground without danger, and actually ride the wave of symphathy this will cause among the frustrated citizen. Obama is the hero, Marino the villain. Quite the Jesuit, I know.

The reality of this man's brain is very simple. There is no need to imagine any complicated strategy. It's just an old, very vain, and rather stupid man doing what is, by all rational standard, another stupid thing and looking once again the coward and bully that he is.

Congratulation, Frankie. Let the mob applaud your bullying as much as you like. At the end of this you will stay there as the petty, dumb tyrant you are, and more people will have opened their eyes about your real character.



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