More Fodder For The Pigeons: Francis Meets Kim Davis.

Kim Davis tasted good

We are informed that the heroic Kim Davis (may the Lord give her one thousand blessings, among them the grace to convert to Catholicism) has consented to meet Pope Francis. As a consequence, the neocon camp is trying to persuade us that Francis is a Catholic tough guy (no, he is neither), and some liberals are venting disappointment at the Gay Pope meeting with a “homophobic” woman.

I think both sides are wrong, and the logic of the meeting is to be sought in one word:Jesuitism.

I have observed many times that Francis has the habit of doing something Catholic on a Monday morning so he can appease the simple and go on being a full-fledged heretic the rest of the week. The visit to the tomb of Pius X, the vague references to the “family”, and the “concessions” to the SSPX, whom he certainly fears, are all part of this forma mentis.

Like Manzonis Don Abbondio, Francis is always eager to let the side he works against know that there is nothing personal, and if they had been stronger he would have supported them instead. Alas, he has to be with the winner; but he is also afraid of the loser, so there…

The Kim Davis episode is the latest illuminating episode. If Francis had wanted to send a strong message he would have met Kim Davis in front of several hundred journalists, and would have addressed words of approval and encouragement to her, coram populo.

He did not do anything of the sort. He merely needed to give some fodder to the pigeons. Kim Davis was just the ticket.

This is the way Francis thinks, and it is surprising that this is not universally recognised by now.



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  1. Didn’t I see that her (Davis’) parents were “Catholic”? That she and her (4th? 5th?) “husband” were giving the rosaries she received from the papal entourage to those same parents? If so, was Davis “raised Catholic” and lived the life of an apostate before becoming a heretic?

    • I have read she was just another “nominal” Christian before her now deceased mother-in-law made her embrace Christianity for real.

  2. Even if she has proven herself to be a committed Christian in the past and present time, she has been providing marriage licenses that are only recognized by the State and not by God. But no, no, no, Francis will never ask her to convert to the Catholic Faith.

  3. mariachristina9

    I agree with you that the Pope has a contradictory nature. The Lord may have worked on his conscience to reach out to this poor lady, who even though Protestant, did a very courageous thing. Most people and, especially, the media in the gay states of America are in an uproar over this. First, they said it was a hoax because the Pope would never meet with such a despicable person. Then they tried to minimize it, saying she was just in a group of people, nothing special. Now they are in a state of shock. I think the CNN/Pope Francis Love Fest may be over. I’m going to keep praying for the Pope’s conversion.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Happy feast of St. Therese of Lisieux.

    When I first heard of the Pope meeting Kim Davis, I thought it was a spoof, as the Pope was described as speaking English. When I heard him speaking to Congress, his English seemed to be said phonetically–not with understanding!

    Too true that the pigeons are misled by such crumbs! Thanks for another perceptive post.

  5. Many good people are hanging their hat on this gesture and it certainly is making the sodomite lobby howl in excruciating pain. So there’s that…

    One very prolific blogger I read, other than you, who is trying mightily not to be snarky about all the mind-numbing machinations in the Church speculates that this gesture towards Kim Davis portends Francis will affirm the Church’s perennial teaching on homosexuality with the next synod, least he be truly a “psychopath”. Hmm, I’m not so sure. I tend to agree with you that this is just tossing a few crumbs to the Faithful.

    • Ah, he has contradicted this pious hope so many times that it does not make sense to think he would defend marriage or sanity out of conviction. If he does it, it will be out of convenience.

  6. That swarm of pigeons with your caption is hilarious! You are the best!

  7. Mundabor: “I have observed many times that Francis has the habit of doing something Catholic on a Monday morning so he can appease the simple and go on being a full-fledged heretic the rest of the week.”

    Yes! He walks a few steps one way (metaphorically), then a few steps the other way, then round and round. It’s the reason why, about four months into this pontificate, I decided to watch his actions, not his words. Even then, I have to filter out empty gestures.

    As to the one word to describe him … right after I made my determination that his talk was cheap, I heard an exchange between two Catholic bloggers (I forget what program it was). They were going on and on about how his “message” had been misunderstood, and one of them finally said, “Well, hey! He’s a Jesuit!” Cue the easy laughter and chuckling from those in-the-know.

    I said out loud, “What the hell?! I don’t need a Pope who speaks in code!”

    Why do so many not see?!

    • Welcome!
      They do not see because there is a price to pay. It means letting go of that Pollyanna world they have so dear. Many of them have such a superficial faith that they are afraid it will not survive the eye-opening, so they prefer to see Francis destroying the church as much as he can.

  8. You are a wise man who didn’t take the bait. Today the official Vatican statement is that the meeting with Kim Davis is not an endorsement of her view on same-sex marriage. Has the Vatican been moved to clarify any other action of the Pope on the world stage? I smell a rat. A big, fat rat who wears a white dress and a little white beanie.

    This seems a defining moment. The lines are being drawn. What will Catholic men and women of good will do in the face of enormous evil?

  9. Right on the money again Mundabor. Today the Vichy Vatican expressed regret that a meeting had ever taken place. LGBT Collaborator Cupich was dismayed by this entire event.

  10. Unbelievable! The vatican is expressing regret about meeting with Davis but no regrets about meeting the Tranny who felt abandoned by the Church!

    Something wicked this way comes…starting next week.

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