Do Not Listen To The Prophets Of Inclusiveness.

Weapon Of Ass Destruction

Sodomy cries to heaven for vengeance. Those who in any way, shape, or form, make of themselves accomplices of such a sin run the risk of damning themselves just because of that. Those who are in a more or less public position, because many others read and can be influenced by them, have an even greater responsibility.

When an openly homosexual man, and promoter of so-called same sax marriage, is allowed to read at Mass, Catholic Truth has been openly sabotaged just for the fact that he is standing there. All those who have planned, or consented to, his being there are public accomplices in his sin of sodomy. All the journalists and commenters who in any way, shape or form try to masquerade this open attack to Catholicism as an exercise in inclusiveness are themselves accomplices in that very attack.

I know that the Angels in heaven look upon us, and call for vengeance. I know it, because the Church says so. I know it, because I know that what the Church teaches is the Truth, not a collection of colourful figures of speech to be treated not more seriously than you would the Easter Bunny.

I would, therefore, be terrified, absolutely terrified of writing a piece comparing the openly sodomitical man allowed to read at Mass with the wonderful, and well-known words of St Augustine concerning his own spiritual progress. Augustine was weak – most of us are; I certainly am – but he would not countenance any sort of confusion about what is right and what is wrong.

There is a fundamental difference between the sin born of weakness, the simple fact of not being able to live up to the standard one recognises as true and holy, and the sin born of the refusal of that very standard. It is beyond me how anyone can ignore this fundamental truth and think that he will escape the harshest punishment, very possibly the ultimate one.

This fundamental difference is thrown in the rubbish bin every time we read the oily words about the need of being “inclusive”, or “meeting people where they are”. God did not meet the Sodomites “where they were”. He destroyed them. Big, big difference.

Also, the accomplices of the sodomites never seem to reflect why the Church never called heretics and other enemies of the church to express, in the midst of Catholics, their “search for God”. Prostitutes are not called to read at Mass. Nor are Commies, murderers, incestuous people, and people given to bestiality. It’s just stupid to believe that a sodomite has, whilst he keeps calling himself a sodomite – and an unrepentant one at that – anything whatever to “give” to the faithful besides perversion and confusion.

Anyone who tells you anything else is perverting and confusing you, and he – or she – will pay a most horrible price for this folly, unless repentance comes first.

Do not listen to the prophets of inclusiveness. Let whatever disgusted your grand-grandma disgust you, too, and call it a great grace. Call it a great grace.

Everything else is from Satan.


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  1. I just viewed a video from a national news program wherein Pope Francis met with a former student of his—gay—and his ‘boyfriend’ of 19 years. Frances embraced and kissed both of them (ewwww!!?) for the camera as the former student explained how Francis knew they were both gay, and respected him and his boyfriend. Frankly, it grosses me out. Oh, and the Vatican had to assure us that Francis ‘does not support Kim Davis’ just because he spoke with her. I honestly wish something would silence him. I pray for that very thing. And for his conversion before death.

    • I am so glad you ares till normal.
      I would not touch a fag, either, much less kiss no matter on how manly and asexual a way.
      People have forgotten what is to be eked out. They are so perverted that nothing can creep them anymore.

  2. So very well said. Thank you.

  3. Mundabor, right on the money as usual. Fulton Sheen (oh my Lord how I miss him) once said “Sin is not the worst thing; the worst thing is the DENIAL of sin.” That is what is happening now in this counterfeit church Francis is erecting.

  4. I am sure there were more worthy people and with more merits who could’ve read at that Mass instead of that “leatherman”. I honestly believe that allowing that active homo to read at that Mass was intentional in order to condition the people’s minds to accept their premise that sodomites can offer a great contribution to the life of the Church and in view of the upcoming Synod. This is indeed a very serious scandal but did they really care? It looks to me that the gay lobby is very powerful if not influential in that Archdiocese when we see that happening during that sacred liturgy. Hypocrisy at its best..

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