The Happy Few

No, tomorrow is not the day of St Crispin and St Crispinian. Nor is any of us at risk of being slaughtered, or taken hostage. Still, I thought I would post these famous words. They are, I think, very fitting to the battle before us.

We live in disgraceful times. We are outnumbered by senseless idiots playing the sensitive guy and the inclusive girl even as they march towards perdition. But we have received a great grace.

We are the happy few.


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  1. “Nor is any of us at risk of being slaughtered, or taken hostage”

    I would not be so sure, given the currently accelerating influx of highly educated, cultivated and civilized permanent guests whose totally peaceful religion has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism… 😉
    Also, there will be vicious, deadly persecution of Christians by former Christians over non-compliance with leftist ideology in Europe during my lifetime, of this I am very sure. Not tomorrow, no, but give it a decade or two…. Compare 1995 and 2015, extrapolate to 2035 on current trends. Take into account that the Church/ the Papacy has still mostly defended faith and morals until 2013, and look at what has happened to the formerly rather slow degradation in just two years since. It’s like having fallen off a cliff. I would be surprised if it actually took the full two decades for persecution to arrive.

    • yes, I meant during the synod… 😉

      you are more than thirty years younger than myself. Persecution is, for you, a far more concrete prospect than for me. Having said that, extrapolations are often misleading. After Carter comes Reagan.

  2. On re-reading what I just posted: Yes, I am in my characteristically optimistic “ray of hope and sunshine” mood again… 😉

  3. Fantastic post Mr. M, are not we really the happy few. I would rather go into this trial eyes wide open than not. Sadly so many(most), do not see. Imagine the rude awakening they are in for.

  4. Mundabor, I came across the following website by anonymous priests who take what Pope Francis says, (for example the inclusion of the divorced and remarried as Catholic Godparents), and evaluate it against what has always been taught by the Church.

    What is your opinion of it? My gut feel says it’s very good, as it shows what the Church as always taught.

    Thank you.

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