Very Officially Infiltrated

The news came out today. 

A Monsignor working in a non better defined “doctrinal office” (CDF?) was “fired” after revealing he was not only homosexual, but a homo with a “boyfriend”. Full-fledged faggot, then, “out and proud”. The news stop short of saying that full sodomy was going on, but at this point the matter is only relevant to the extent of punishment the two (cough) men will meet in hell unless they repent. A priest can’t be homosexual, much less heretical. That he is also a sodomite, or not, is already past the question whether he has any business at all being a priest.  

Monsignor… Fagniewski was, then, fired. But yours truly asks the following questions:

  1. What on earth is a homo priest doing not only in the priesthood, but in an office occupying itself with doctrinal matters of all places? How is it possible that no one knew? Hey, the man even had a “boyfriend”. A surprise? Really?
  2. The Vatican justifies giving the boot to Mons… Pervertek with the following words:  “The decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the synod appears very serious and irresponsible, since it aims to subject the synod assembly to undue media pressure”. What? How about the fact that the man is supposed to be a 1) catholic 2) priest? Nothing about that? The problem is, if Lombardi has been quoted correctly, merely a matter of timing, and of “undue pressure”. It beggars belief.

It appears to me the man was very officially infiltrated, and no one had a problem with that. He was kicked out because truth is supposed to perverted in a more subtle way, is all.

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.




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  1. Maybe Bergoglio will invite the polish sodomite priest and his “boyfriend” to live with him and Monsignor Ricca.. birds of the same feather flock together.

  2. Pathetic! I can just imagine his ‘office-mates’ whispering at the water cooler, ‘He should have kept quiet! Why did he risk his job’? We heard nothing about him being defrocked, mind you.

    One day, Catholics will be running the Vatican again. Maybe not in my time, but one day…..

  3. I am very confused about this whole incident. The think which appalls me the most is that the offending priest does not display any Catholic ethic which I thought would have been inculcated ingrained in his DNA. A little decency would have been in order. Could he not have left the priesthood first , at least out of respect for the Church that raised him, before he embarked on a relationship with a man ?He knows it can never be tolerated. We all do. His behaviour sends the message to me that he is an enemy of Catholicism.
    All of us also know His Holiness can never give consent to homosexual relationships. He cannot be aware of every intrigue going on in the Vatican and I believe he will do his best to eradicate them. Any Pope would be obligated to do so. This has got to be sorted out once and for all even if the decisions taken are unpopular and alienate some of the flock.

    They have to be adult enough to understand dogma is dogma and cannot be changed to suit
    personal preferences . I truly do not think a lot of Catholics understand the teachings probably because they have not received competent and correct tuition. Ignorance could be a reason for a lot of the troubles in the Church.

  4. Cressida. The Church has been infested with faggots since 1960, the year that the interview for seminary admittance was became lax and almost dropped off including many young commies were ordered infiltrating in. “A few good men” by Michael Rose is a must to understand gay priest network in the Church. O Saint Michael, the Archangel, prince of the heavenly host, defend us in the battle.

  5. Expecting the Creepiest, Perviest, Most Evil Pope to Do Something about this Cressida. He has – Who am I to judge.

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