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Revealed: Francis’ Favourite Liturgical Music

The Rigged Synod, And What It Means For Us

The Second Attempt to pave a way for heresy within the Church started today. If you have not got that Francis is the leader of the heretics you are most probably either a) entirely stupid, or b) a reprobate.

The best description of the lay of the land as the military operations begin I have read here. If you follow the link you will find a simple but complete description of facts, people, and documents behind this mess.

I must – for the moment – salute with a huge sigh of relief the abundantly leaked, but now officially released rules about the rigging of the 2015 Synod.

If you ask me, Francis got in that tango-head of his that he cannot (I laugh at the expression) “change doctrine” in all but name and officially have the bishops behind him. This is the main issue. This is where it is decided whether he wins or loses. I say he loses.

I think he thought he could do it (“change doctrine” in all but name) last year, which is why he steered the way towards the infamous relatio post disceptationem.

When things went very, very bad he possibly thought he could use the year until the 2015 Synod to move things in his own direction, which is why he insisted on having the most controversial, perverted paragraphs reintroduced by the window after having been kicked out by the door. This move already tells you what a dangerous ass this man is. The stupidest men are always the most dangerous.

The last attempt at seeing how things go was the adoption of the pro-homo and pro-adultery agenda in the Instrumentum Laboris,  the preparatory document of this Synod. The infamous document met (besides being what prompted my relevant blog post to be pinned on the front page since) with such harsh public and private opposition (abundantly leaked in the weeks leading to the Synod) that Francis basically decided to cave in and renounce to every pretense that, whatever he will do, he will do it with the bishops behind him.

The newest announcement means exactly this: Francis has all but admitted he cannot pretend to speak for the Church and get the bishops behind him. If he has any brains left into that pothead of his, he has realised that if he puts that heretical hand into the fire he will get burnt.

What now, Jorge? I think we will have one of the three:

  1. Pope releases a bla-bla, wheelchair-cum-social justice document that goes straight into the rubbish bin, or into the Vatican toilets. Nothing different from the usual rubbish, nothing hinting at any changes. Nulla di fatto.
  2. Pope allows the release of a final document (there will be such a document; I think it is already written; actually, I think several versions of it are already written) containing heretical statements, encouragements, reflections, farts, impure acts, or however you call them, that put into question Catholic Truth. Then he sits at the window and waits for the events to unfold. If the reactions are too strong, he will call the document back with a “tut-tut, children, do not quarrel” among the excited cries of the Pollyannas. If everything goes well (for him), the document will “stay in the air” as something certainly not official, but nevertheless quoted by every adulterer and faggot in the land. The Pollyannas will tell us that this is only a document from ten bishops and cardinals, and certainly deplored by the Pope so cruelly misinformed. As to him, it will not be what he initially wanted, but all he had the courage to do.
  3. This is the nuclear option. The Pope waits for the work to conclude and then, either in the speech accompanying the closing document or some weeks later (before the beginning of the Year of False Mercy, methinks; perhaps on the day he officially starts it), takes on himself the responsibility of announcing urbi et orbi a new “way” of looking at the sacraments and the Catholic sexual morals. At this point a nuclear war ensues, or not. If it ensues, he is finished. If not, he will be destroyed when he dies. He is screwed either way, in this life and in the next.

I personally say to you here (and the events may well, God forbid, cruelly prove me wrong in the next couple of months) that I do not believe for a moment that Francis has the balls for option 3; though I do not doubt it is what he would choose if he had said accessories.

In my eyes, Francis will opt for something that either closely resembles 1 or 2, or is a mixture of the two. The change of the Synod rules is not only an open admission that he wants to avoid this Synod becoming the most spectacular defense of Catholic doctrine seen in recent decades, but also an open admission that he has realised he cannot lead the bishops by the nose like dumb oxes. If he had thought he could, he would not have changed the discussion rules, and would have sought to impose his will during and after the works as he tried to do last year. 

Francis is in the position of a Tsar who sides with the Bolshevists. He may be as much of an autocrat as you wish, but his own nobility will never allow him to sell to the enemy, period. Tsars can be – and were – disposed of, too.

No, I do not think Francis has anywhere near the balls necessary for a full-scale attack on Catholicism. Bitching he can do all right, but revolutions are a different matter altogether.

He will, methinks, content himself with remaining a closeted revolutionary (and a closeted who knows what besides) and an open ass instead.


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