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  1. Sir Mundy,

    I have reviewed each of your re-blogs listed, as each of the 5 and all 5 taken together seem to represent a “template” suggesting that Bergie is a tutti-frutti bum chum.

    I believe you’re mistaken, and by logical analogy permit me to prove otherwise:

    My dog has a tendency to sniff only the trousers – both bow & aft – of male humans ONLY. Similarly, my dog sniffs the booty cabooses of male dogs ONLY.

    When my dog comes upon a female dog or a female human visitor to our home, he invariably shows teeth and growls menacingly.

    I did mention this to our veterinarian and his diagnosis was simple and quick: “Your dog is gay.”

    My point: Just because Bergie shares some traits & similarities with my dog doesn’t imply Bergie is gay. After all, my dog does NOT have any favela fleas; my dog DOES bow his head in respect when we walk by a Catholic Church; my dog does NOT live in a fancy hotel packed with ANY queers; my dog does NOT lick faces of human homosexuals; and I do NOT put grappa in my dog’s water bowl, nor do I allow him to snort Coke or smoke pot like some ignorant bouncer at some shite night club near the train station in Frankfurt.

    I trust you’ll see the differences between my dog & Bergie.

  2. What is the worst insult Satan wants to do to Jesus? Controlling and sabotaging the Church and giving the seat of Peter to a gay pope. Right? Use your common sense to see the picture above which has no woman in there instead it has two men caressing each other in the public and in another picture pope Frank was kissing the man’s foot during the washing feet of Holy Thursday. Both made me sick and shivering. Seriously I have no doubt this pope is a gay man. Core Jesu sacratissimum, miserere nobis.

  3. I watched the video once only, but when the former student brought his entrouage to see Francis during the “private audience” and the woman were clambering to touch the pope, he seemed stiff and guarded and and eager to free himself from their attentions. His entire persona and body language was different with the men. Notice too, how he had singled out women for the greatest public ridicule–the one who had the Caesarian sections and who bred like a rabbit, the one who thought he was the antichrist. He has spoken disparagingly of convents while in Cuba.

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