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The Father Carota Omnibus


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The Stupidity Of “Sensitivitee”

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Pray For Father Carota

Father Carota


Father Carota is very ill, and I ask you to, in your charity, say your next rosary for him. If you do not recite the rosary, I think this would be a wonderful occasion to recite your first one, or to start it again.

Father Carota (carrot, in Italian) writes a blog that was recommended to me by faithful readers. I was always impressed by the uncompromising stance of the good man concerning everything Catholic, and by his very blunt and very charitable words (the two go, in fact, very often together).

I remember thinking that this carota was a very healthy vegetable indeed: not extremely satisfying on the moment, but very beneficial in the long term. If you want sugary things that are bad for your health you can always ask Francis, and it will be muffin galore.

After the post I have linked Father has posted a new blog post written by himself, with a courageously smiling photo.    

I confess I could not hold a little tear as I read the words “If all the other things I have done in my life have been in vain, it is all worth while saving children from abortion”.

Father, I am not sure you did many things in vain in your life, but your blog was most certainly not one of them. Many a time I have reddened by reading it, and found myself a better man in the end. Many a time I have thought how much we need priests like you, and what a desert it is to live surrounded by fluffy idiots instead of true pastors. Many a times I have thought, reading the blog, “this looks like one that will go to heaven with the Angels Express”. 

I hope the time for Father has not arrived yet, because the world needs people like him. But if it has, it must be a huge consolation to take leave of this valley of tears knowing that one has fought the goof fight with courage and determination, and without any fear of the world’s criticism, malice or ridicule. 

I will keep you in my prayers, Father, and I am sure many of my readers will do so, too. I kindly ask you not to leave us so soon, if it is at all possible, and to recommend us to the Blessed Virgin if it isn’t. I am sure you can look back to a life extremely well spent, but please try to stay with us for a while yet. 

You are such a healthy food for the soul. 



“Madness Or Possession”: Father Oko On Homo “Inclusive” Language



Via Vox Cantoris, the Toronto Catholic Witness has the translation of a very interesting interview with Father Oko. Father Oko is already known to the older readers of this blog, and I have just reblogged one of his best efforts.

The interview has some very interesting points:

  1. Charamsa wasn’t an “obscure official”, buried in the offices of the CDF because it was embarrassing to keep him in Poland. No, he was vocally active in Polish magazines, and embarked in a smear campaign against Oko himself. 
  2. Once again what yours truly incessantly preaches proves true: whenever a priest shows “progressive” tendencies, it is legitimate to suspect that either faggotry or a mistress are behind it.
  3. Once again, we notice that once Satan takes hold of a man through sexual perversion, he tries to destroy him completely. Charamsa has embarked on an ego-driven road to self-destruction because his perversion has literally eaten him out. Oko is very charitable in offering to pay for treatment. I prefer the old times, when the treatment was the scaffold.

Father Oko also has interesting words about the present situation in the Church, and the fact that bad apples will also be present in the finest catholic orchard. Not that the orchard is very fine at the moment…

Super Express: But he [Charamsa] finished in the seminary, is a doctor of theology, and until recently, was an important Vatican official. How is it possible to function like that in the Church for so many years? 
Fr. Oko: It is, unfortunately the dark side of the Church. I myself wrote about the homolobby. There were in the Church people like Archbishops Juliusz Paetz and Jozef Wesolowski. It would seem that people of their kind have provided a career for Fr. Charamsa. Those people are very supportive, it is the so-called ‘Lavender Mafia’. This sick part of the Church has always existed. Judas among the twelve apostles constituted 8.5 percent. If you convert that to the 30,000 priests in Poland, it turns out that more than 2.5 thousand priests are living badly, like Judases. Charamsa belongs to this group of Judases, of Cains. Betraying the Church the person places himself above the bishops, theologians, popes, one can even say: above God. Pope Benedict XVI said that genderism is worse than Marxism. Pope Francis said it is like a tsunami, demonic, satanic. Jesus spoke of whitewashed tombs, a brood of vipers, murderers of the prophets. According to Fr.  Charamsa these words are unacceptable, our language should instead purr sweetly. If someone thinks he knows better than God on how to speak of this, it indicates a madness or possession.
Madness or possession.

Interesting Story

How many times have we Christians read such stories of intolerance and violence made by our own people?

Why must we, who are called to spread the Good news, always be so violent?

It is a shame that Christians should do this to other Christians.

We should learn from our brothers, the Muslims, who hold fast to their Korans as suggested by our own Francis, the humble man guided by the Spirit. Theirs is the religion of Peaaaaace. 

If the man had been a Muslim, he would have never done it, I think… (cough). 

But why do I talk? 

Read for yourself.

Reblog: Father Oko Speaks

Father Oko Speaks

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