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Welcoming homosexuals

Pope Francis has addressed the Synod Fathers in his opening speech, or I should say tosh. You find the thing everywhere on the Internet, so I will not bother with a link.

The tosh seems to have two fundamental points:

1) we cannot change doctrine, and

2) we must be “surprised” by the Holy Ghost, reject “legalism” and find new ways to be “inclusive”.

The points are obviously contradictory, and their spirit is pure Modernism. You can't have your cake and eat it. Francis knows it very well, and his Modernist muddying the waters is the result of this knowledge.

You will ask me whether I am afraid that point 2 will lead to a nuclear conflagration. Call me the incurable optimist but I do not see this happening; at least at the Synod, and actually even later. Francis has been talking of “surprises” for a long time now; therefore, it comes as no (ahem) surprise that he should do it now. The first attempt at “surprising” us ended with him going home with a bloody nose. This time he has closed the ring altogether. The man blabbers all the time, but I can't see anywhere that he is willing to fight.

Or put it in another manner. Frankie can talk his adulterous, homoerotic bollock in two ways:

1. In off-the-cuff reflections and informal speeches. He does it all the time. No Catholic with a brain listens to him anymore. It's old.

2. In official documents. He cannot do that without exposing himself to the same ferocious criticism he has seen coming at this year's synod. He would have to go past the CDF, thus losing face completely. He would be massacred by theologians and clergymen worldwide. He could end up deposed, defrocked and excommunicated. He has never done this in 30 months of pontificate.

I do not see Francis waging a frontal attack. I cannot see in him any revolutionary gut. In him I see the Jesuit all the time. He will do all he can to help the adulterers and the perverts, short of teaching that they are right and Christianity wrong.

Some people think that as Francis talks of “surprises”, he will “surprise” us with some attempt at doctrinal innovations. I beg to differ. For Francis, talk does not have to be followed by action. Blabber is done for the sake of blabbering. Once he has put some stupid sounding poppycock in the world, he is satisfied; at least then, when he known that putting the poppycock into practice would be dangerous.

Reflect on this: Francis has largely deprived the synod of open debate because he knew that – even with rigged participants – the debate would have become a ferocious indictment of his pontificate. He clearly wants to avoid the storm. It is not clear to me why this Don Abbondio would wake up one morning and discover he wants to be Che Guevara.

On the contrary: the observations up to now say to us that this here is no Che Guevara, at all. He is an old, faithless, lewd man so much in love with himself that he will do all he can to promote his popularity, until things get dangerous.

Then it's Jesuitical blabber, all the way to hell.



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