On The Day Of Lepanto

It is good to remember that today is the day of Lepanto.

Whilst we cannot hope that there will always be victories and never defeats, days like this one remind of us the powerful ally we have in Heaven.

We must do our bit, be vocal, refuse to kow-tow to the dominant mentality.

But we must also remember that together with all this we must also pray, and I suggest that we pray the rosary.

We have a formidable weapon at our disposal. Let us use it.



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  1. I celebrate, like any other Catholic, the great victory of Lepanto.

    But there is one profound difference between then and now.

    Then Don John held them at the gates. Now, in Europe, Islam has broken through and is within the walls and flooding in by the day, and perhaps more importantly breeding at about twice or more the rate of even our discreetly contracepting young Catholics.

    As I have said elsewhere, the example our grandchildren will have to look to when the inevitable fight comes, is not Don John, but Ferdinand and Isabella.

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