No, Do Not Relax!

No, I cannot relax with such a one around.

I am getting more than a bit fed up with all those bloggers who tell their readers to relax, because nothing of what is happening is new and we have seen all of this before.

Of course it isn’t new. Of course the Church is indefectible. But the Church is indefectible exactly because there will always be people who refuse to be told to “relax”, and keep screaming out loud against the heresy!

Yes, we had many crises. But they were overcome thanks to people who :1) really care and 2) say it out loud. Not through people who keep silent.

Yes, we are not the first ones standing on the brink of an abyss. Yes, we know that the Church will not fall into it. But we know that very many will be lost, and I suspect that many of the “relax” people already have one foot in the precipice. We know that the Church cannot be killed, but can most certainly be raped! We know that she cannot be wiped out of the earth, but can be wiped out of entire Continents, of which Europe and America are two prime candidates!

Heresy isn’t “normal” just because it isn’t new. A crisis is no less grave because there were other crises. The situation isn’t any less scandalous just because we had such scandals before. Heretical bishops (and Popes!) aren’t less dangerous for the salvation of souls because there were others like them before.

And be assured: in no crisis of the church there was ever lack of people who asked devout Catholics to “chill out”. It is very comfortable for them to do so; particularly if they are priests, and therefore under a graver obligation to speak out loud; or if they have a paid audience, that might desert them if they go away from the “softly-softly”, “Catholic if you allow”, “let’s be nice to everyone” mainstream readership.

The Church is not indefectible because in times of crisis God sends a couple dozen angels on earth to set things right. The Church is indefectible because the Lord inspires in good souls such a hatred for heresy, blasphemy and betrayal of Him that they cannot relax, cannot shut up, and will have to speak out.

Nor can we be invited to be “little children”. We are adults, for Pete’s sake! We are supposed to stand up for our beliefs like grown men and women do, not retreat in a very childish, and at this point very stupid, way thinking that there is no need whatever for our scandal and our indignation because hey, where’s your faith… Pope XI invited us to be ready to enter the fray, not to stay in a corner sucking our lollipop because somehow, sometime, all will be adjusted.

It’s not somehow. It’s through the vocal, sustained, harsh opposition to all those who seek to destroy the Church. It’s not sometime. It’s right now.

Yes, Francis is a leftist! Yes, this worries me! Yes, it does because not only I have faith, but I love it!

For heaven’s sake, do not relax! Keep writing your messages on fora and blogs! Keep talking of the current crisis with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances!

You are called to be soldiers, not children!


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  1. I’ m from Argentina, so I mainly participate in blogs in Spanish. I am just fed up of people telling me “trust in the Holy Ghost” or “just pray, it´s your duty”. They are the same people that make you feel they are the good catholics because they, and not you, believe in the power of the Holy Ghost. Yes, I trust the Holy Ghost, and I pray! But I cannot shut up. Although I try to limit myself to point the facts that are widely published, I receive the same kind of response. It´s really astonishing to see how many catholics refuse to recognize what they have in front of their eyes. Sorry for my English.

  2. Yes Mundabor, I promise to keep writing in many blogs and forums even under the threat of being excommunicated by the Vatican. But I know several “conservative” Catholic friends who no matter what would go along with the changes Francis is intending to impose on the Church. They don’t know that the pope is under Jesus Christ and His authority in protecting and protecting doctrine (or are they in denial?). I already talked to a priest whom I asked about what he would do if the projected changes on Doctrine are made official, and to my dismay he said to me that he would comply because Francis is the “pope”. In my case I’m not going to be seduced by the glamour of evil. The best option for me to protect my spiritual and mental sanity is just to become a Traditional priest and I’m looking around for any Traditional priests organization that I can join in. What is going on on this “synod” is the preamble of more serious changes in the Church.

  3. The reason we are in this mess to begin with is b/c people have not fought and spoken out against all of the insanity these past 50 years other than a remnant that was scoffed at. Well done, Mundy. It’s the church of emo speaking that doesn’t like dealing with anger even if righteous…they want to keep on living in their fleshy, delusional pink clouds…all the way to hell sadly:+( God Bless~

  4. The final relatio (already being written, according to Roman rumour) will of course bear no resemblance to what was discussed. Without (of course) being able to prove that, everyone will nevertheless be sure of it; and some journalist will finally tease out the truth from bishops who are brave enough to speak out.
    I’m guessing that Francis is modelling his actions on post-VII. The bishops went away: in no way did they consider VII ‘ended’ – they were to return to Rome discuss ‘implementation’. And then…nothing. A mysterious committee met, and swiftly destroyed the Liturgy and the Altar. Generations of disobedient renegades were allowed to teach semi-heresies drawing on some ambiguous phrase of this document or that. Everyone speculated. (Except for one great archbishop who had the clarity of vision and the courage to denounce the vague bien-pensant consensus, and was declared excommunicate for his pains.)
    And so the idea was implanted that somehow the Church had to compromise its teaching with the contemporary world and its values. Now we are reaping the harvest.
    The main question is if Francis will be bold enough to make a pronouncement. If so, that will provoke open resistance.

  5. Thank you! They are trying to convince us that we act against charity, to make us feel guilty or bad christians.

    But children do fight! In the sand pit, one takes the other’s bucket, so the other screams, crys, tells Father, and faces his “brother” to make sure he gives back what he took. He might even get friends to fight with him. They make their wishes known and fight for what they want, and without any guilt.

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