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Cardinal Marx And The Cult Of The Papidians.

Not so fast, fatty...

Not so fast, fatty…

From OnePeterFive, a very interesting blog post about the past and present declarations of the aptly named Cardinal Marx.

I invite you to follow the link and read the story there.

I will here limit myself to focusing on one particular phrase, and examine the possible implications as I can see them from here. Emphases mine. 

“We must try to remain together,” he said. “The Church is the only institution in the world that can reach unanimous agreement. Thank God we have the pope.We bishops do not have to decide. Church unity is not in danger. And once the pope has decided, we will abide by his decision.

So the man is saying that in the end the bishops (and by extension, the faithful) have nothing to say or worry about. There is a Pope. He will make a decision. We will abide by it. Because unity. 

Wow, vow.

Not so fast, Your Disgrace.

We aren’t a cult of “Papidians”. If the man tells us to commit spiritual suicide, we do not follow him. The Pope himself is bound by the Truth, and has the right to be heard – or the more so: obeyed – only when what he says is not in contrast with what the Church has always said, and what she commands him to defend at the cost of his life. 

In Cardinal Heretic’s mind all depends on the man; and what the man decides, we must follow. This is 100% Fuehrerprinzip. Catholics think differently. And frankly, I thought this darn Fuehrerprinzip had already caused enough damage in Germany. 

Now, why does Fatty say such a thing? I can imagine only three scenarios: 

  1. He has insider info that Francis will stage a golpe during of after the Synod. He is paving the way for the Golpe and selling the notion that whatever the man says, we must follow. 
  2. He has realised he cannot lead the Germans to a “German way”, and cannot follow up on the threat of having their own cake baked by them, all for them, after the Synod. Therefore, he is preparing the emergency exit that protects him from the rage of his adulterous and perverted followers: we have tried, you see, but it was a non-starter. It would have plunged the Church into chaos. Sorry, no can do. 
  3. Francis has told Marx and Kasper to stay quiet, because he will set things right at the end of after the synod. And he is lying to them. 

I find the first scenario improbable, but not impossible. Marx is the head of the German Bishops’ Conference. If Francis has decided to whisper something in the head of one or two, it’s Kasper and him. However, Francis would be stupid – and probably suicidal – to ignore the warning signals coming from pretty much everywhere. If Francis wants a golpe, he can try to stage it without a synod, every day he feels like it. He has not done it not because he has no instruments to do it, but exactly because he fears what would happen afterwards. If anything, this and last year’s synods both make it more difficult for him to make any move in that direction. It is difficult to think that even a stubborn, thick pope may ignore the message that is being shouted in his ears to such an extent.

The second scenario is, I think, the most probable. The Cermans have leaned so much out of the window that if things go wrong for them – which is the most probable outcome – they must now let the big schism follow the bold words. Will they have the guts to do it? I doubt. How will they justify their caving in? With the unity of the church, and the necessity to follow the Pope. Because unity. 

The third scenario is also possible, as it presumes that Francis is a lying, scheming Jesuit, which he is. However, I can’t imagine Marx and Kasper do not know it. Therefore, they would heavily discount any such promise from the man and avoid any public declaration that builds on such a promise.

Mind, though, that scenario 3 is not incompatible with scenario 2, which makes Marx’s statement doubly understandable: Francis promises, and Marx does not believe a word of what he said. Therefore, he releases the statement above.

If Francis delivers, he has paved the ground. He Francis does not deliver, he has paved the ground, too.

Not quite stupid, Your Disgrace …


Meeting Sinners… In the Gay Sauna?

A friend of Father Rosica, by any chance?

I am continuing the reading of the reports of the “Language Groups”. I will possibly write more in detail about them tomorrow. What I can say for now is that apart from vague references to cultural differences and the necessity to adapt to them in the German version – by far the worst of what I have read up to now – there is no meaningful sign of any intention to “meeting people where they are, and keeping them there“.

This means that, from what I have seen up to now, if any perverted bishop has tried to voice his own rainbow “sensitivity issues” in any of the groups he has been either pelted with rotten tomatoes or, more probably, has been asked to shut up already and let the grown-ups work in peace.

The reports I have read have no meaningful reference to any of that Rosica rubbish. When there are indirect references, it is always stated – sometimes more directly, sometimes less directly, sometimes only vaguely –  that doctrine must be reaffirmed, and practiced. It is all far from perfect, of course – there is still a vast amount of PC going on; too many bishops supports illegal immigration; and there is rarely a strong call for the defense of the Catholic doctrine – but on the whole, it is as if the Bishops would say that Rosica’s problems are literally neither here nor there, irrelevant, not worthy of even a mention.

The same, in a veiled manner, is stated in all those references to the Instrumentum Laboris being “confused”, or “chaotic”, or other ways of politely saying the IL is “a mess that confuses Catholics”. The implication here is clear: that the confusion and chaos come from the parts that have nothing to do with any Catholic understanding of the family, or of sexual morality. So much so, that they are completely ignored in the reports from the various groups.

I understand this report to be the last one from the groups. Therefore, the bishops knew that the moment to speak about rainbow things was this one, and no other. If you miss this, never again will you be able to say “the other synod fathers of my group shared my concerns”. Well no they didn’t. They actually didn’t care a straw. Which should be signal enough for you, Bishop Fag.

That Father Rosica looks much, much worse than stupid in all this is obvious. He is clearly untenable. He has become such an obvious ally of the rainbow faction that the stench must arrive to Siberia. The permanence of a clerical habit on the shoulder of this man should be put into question. He belongs in some drag show, not in the synod.

A word to the wise: he who wants to meet the sinner where he is but does not ask of the sinner to “go and sin no more” is not interested in the conversion of the sinner at all; actually, he might be interested in the very sin of the sinner. 

I’d love to know what the heck this Father Rosica does in his free time. Which people does he see in the evening. Who are his friends. Who are the friends of his friends. Where he resides when he is in Rome. Who sees him going in and out at night, and where. And, in general, what the Rosica is happening here. Because truly, this here is getting beyond belief.

We have just had the case of a Monsignor, so vocal in his call for “inclusiveness”, “coming out”. The man was working for the CDF, of all things. How blind have we become? Don’t we know that the Vatican is full of homos? Does it always have to be “someone else”?

Giulio Andreotti used to say, with usual Italo-Catholic wit: “he who thinks badly of others may commit a sin, but he is often right”.

You know what I am thinking.

And I know that you think it, too.



Gloria.tv has already honoured me a couple of times with the mention or transcription of a blog post of mine. I consider this one of the biggest honours a Catholic blogger can receive.

But I was truly amazed at noticing, today, that my blog post of yesterday was even translated into Spanish.

Many thanks to them, and particularly to the good soul who invested his or her time in the translation of my little contribution.

Lord, have mercy on me; and look with some favour, when my day of reckoning comes, on the little but sincere effort of this wretched sinner.



Synod: Father Rosica Has To Go

Below is the brutal correction of Cardinal Napier to another of the homo calls of father Rosica, promptly echoed by his own pals at “Fire and Brimstone”.

I have started to read the reports of the Language Groups, and from what I have seen up to now (which isn’t very much, but much more than nothing) the issue of perverts, adulterers and such is not even a blip on the radar screen. There might be the one or other more or less veiled reference here and there, but I can’t imagine that this will end as an issue of any substantial import at all.

I wonder what kind of Synod Rosica has dreamt about.

The man has to go. Sharpish.

Read more about this here.


Synod: All Reports Of The Language Groups Out On “Rorate”!

You may want to run to Rorate Caeli and read them.

I will do so as soon as time allows.

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!


Synod: How To Sleep At Night

The following is meant as a help to faithful Catholics who are having problems sleeping at night. Let us examine some scenarios in order of gravity, and see how our response – always including prayer and penance – may look.


1. Francis releases a document full of the usual rubbish, but with no substantial measures besides the obvious reminder about the field hospital and all that effeminate sensitive crap. Nothing new in this case. Business as usual. You keep praying that God rids us of this scourge soon. You sleep at night.

2. Francis releases a documents that goes against traditional rules. For example, he states that whilst adulterers cannot approach the altar for communion, the bishop can decide “exceptional” “pastoral measures” that allow them to do so in their own diocese. All hell breaks loose as Bishops all over the world who are actually afraid of hell (a good number of them still around, by God's grace) start shooting at the measure. A de facto schism ensues, in which the Pope sides with the schismatics, but is hit with refusal of obedience and calls for resignation as entire bishops' conferences withdraw their support to the pope and condemn the measure. You refuse to give allegiance to the Pope in everything schismatic or heretical, keep doing what you were doing, keep not only following but openly proclaiming the Catholic rule with friends and family, refuse to be shifted by the Evil Clown one single centimetre, refuse to bend to heresy in any way whatsoever. You follow the battle as it unfolds, and in particular you follow what your true spiritual guides say. The Pope is not your spiritual authority anymore, though he is obviously still Pope for now. Your spiritual authority is the Society of St Pius X. You listen to them, follow what they say, pray, and fast. You know that as the battle rages – a battle to which you, too, are called – the war is already won. You sleep at night.

3. Francis releases an openly heretical document, and no big mess ensues. It appears that the heretics got their way. The liberal press announces that the Church has “changed her doctrine”. Confusion is everywhere as the usual bloggers order you to obey the Pope because hey, you are Catholic. You do exactly as under point 2. You will have less comfort as you feel more isolated. You pray and do penance more. You listen to all the SSPX has to say and follow their advice. You pray God every day that He may rid us of this scourge as hard as you can. Mind: Francis is still the Pope, unless people with more authority than you (say: the SSPX) state that this is not the case, and why (say: because of a council of dissident bishops declaring the Pope heretic and deprived of the office). You pray more, you fast more, you get more vocal with friends and family, who will mock you now without cease. You take everything as a badge of honour, and a great privilege. You sleep at night.

4. Francis goes really bonkers: kisses fags in the mouth in public, announces he is the boyfriend of Monsignor Ricca or the girlfriend of a dog, “canonises” Satan, proclaims the “dogma” of the resurrection of Che Guevara, takes part to an interfaith service with Satanists, or the like. No opposition besides Catholic traditionalists, as Patheos bloggers invite you to accept everything “like a child” and have faith that the “Spirit” is working within Francis. The world stuns, but stays silent as fags celebrate everywhere. You proceed as before, refuse to give any allegiance to anything the man says, and wait for God or a Synod to get us rid of him. You take strenght in the promise of the Blessed Virgin, that when everything seems lost she will finally intervene. But you don't expect the intervention within next Monday, lunch time. You know big crises in the Church have gone on for a long time. You know that you may have to wait years, and may die without seeing Truth triumph on this earth. This may sadden you, but does not affect you. You keep going on in the faith of our fathers. You are fully aware of what great grace it is to keep your faith and stand firm in the midst of crumbling worlds. Terrifying as it is to think of the amount of reprobates around you, you keep praying for everyone's repentance and salvation, particularly of those dear to you, to your last breath. What a great privilege to die with such faith, in such a world.

You, my friend, still sleep at night.


We do not know what battles lie in front of us. We know that the Evil Clown is a Jesuit and a coward, certainly; but we also know that he is so heretical and stupid – and very possibly, perverted – that there is no limit to what he could do, if he feels like it and thinks that he will get away with it. I see no signals at the moment that he could go nuclear. I very much doubt that he will even risk a major conflict. But I am an optimist by nature, and have been proved wrong in the past. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for every scenario, even the most extreme. There is no point of mess, none whatsoever, at which you should even think of giving up the fight.

Good luck to all of us. Let us remember that in any challenge lies a hidden grace, and the bigger the challenge for our faith, the greater the reward for those who stand firm. Miserable sinners as we all are – as I certainly am – this should be a great consolation and be taken for what it is: a great sign of predestination.



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