Adelante! has already honoured me a couple of times with the mention or transcription of a blog post of mine. I consider this one of the biggest honours a Catholic blogger can receive.

But I was truly amazed at noticing, today, that my blog post of yesterday was even translated into Spanish.

Many thanks to them, and particularly to the good soul who invested his or her time in the translation of my little contribution.

Lord, have mercy on me; and look with some favour, when my day of reckoning comes, on the little but sincere effort of this wretched sinner.



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  1. I wish you and your blog success, a wide and influential following.

    But more importantly I pray you will always keep your hand to the plow and your eye undivided on Triune God who alone gives meaning and purpose to any of this. That is the best thing about your blog is that it deflates with the pin of the pen the egoistic balloons that would take glory due to God and re-direct it to selves or humanist purposes. Rare is the gift that can be used in this way. It has been an encouragement to me for sure.

    I hope your blog continues to only serve the purpose of expanding the multitude singing hymns before the Throne in eternity, at which time these current struggles will seem very remote and silly indeed.

    • Many thanks, Brian.
      Whilst I am not able to say for sure because I have never been there, I am rather persuaded in heaven these things are taken, erm, damn seriously. if by every act of sodomy the angels cry to heaven for vengeance, as I write this the noise must be mighty indeed.

  2. Mis deseos y bendiciones de Dios para el éxito continuo en su apostolado !

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