Synod: Father Rosica Has To Go

Below is the brutal correction of Cardinal Napier to another of the homo calls of father Rosica, promptly echoed by his own pals at “Fire and Brimstone”.

I have started to read the reports of the Language Groups, and from what I have seen up to now (which isn’t very much, but much more than nothing) the issue of perverts, adulterers and such is not even a blip on the radar screen. There might be the one or other more or less veiled reference here and there, but I can’t imagine that this will end as an issue of any substantial import at all.

I wonder what kind of Synod Rosica has dreamt about.

The man has to go. Sharpish.

Read more about this here.


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  1. Mundabor,

    While I am glad to hear you say this Synod might be much ado about nothing, I am not sure this makes me feel any better long term…

    Am i right to be concerned about the trickle, trickle, trickle effect decisions coming out of this Synod (or lack of decisions) will have? If we do not have a tsunami to cleanse the Church of these wicked men, could things keep going south?

    • If you ask me, we will have a progressive corruption until the stink becomes too strong and someone will react, because a line has been drawn in the sand by the Catholics and crossed by the heretics. Bear in mind that if you believe in the apparition of Quito – which you don’t have to – things will come to a point where “everything seems lost”. Where that point is is difficult to say, but I’d say it’s far beyond a blabbering pope and extend into a grave conflict.

      I personally am unable to see Francis going on full-on confrontation. But he might “stretch” things so far that the confrontation comes to him.

  2. Rorate Caeli has just published a twitter feed of Fr. Rosica’s that says Baldisseri has reminded the Synod Fathers that they can publish their own interventions, but cannot publish those of other Synod Fathers…. quote below.

    “Well, it must have worked, because the President of the Polish Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Gadecki, had made available on Wednesday a summary of the interventions of many Synodal Fathers (on the first day, in French). After the new threat, it disappeared (here). Thankfully, we saved the content, a precious piece of Catholic history.”

    • Oh, it will all be leaked as soon as the synod has ended… actually, it can be leaked through trusted outlets even as the synod works are still ongoing…

  3. You get the feeling sometimes that people like Rosica have never read a good Life of Christ. Christ was severe, very stern at times. He demanded perfection. Merciful yes but demanding also.

  4. Mundabor, If Lombardi doesn’t speak English, how can we know that all this news of of our friend Tom and the manipulations in the English office is getting to him? We are shouting to one another. What can we do to get an Italian blog to take this up in Italian?

    • AFAIK Lombardi speaks English all right, but (allegedly) he does not have the command of the language that would allow him to be involved in professional conversations with journalists; more probably, someone wanted your friend Father Rosica to be appointed for the English speaking countries for reasons we may well imagine.
      The same goes for Francis. His English may be rusty, but he certainly reads and understands it all right.

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