Synod: How To Sleep At Night

The following is meant as a help to faithful Catholics who are having problems sleeping at night. Let us examine some scenarios in order of gravity, and see how our response – always including prayer and penance – may look.


1. Francis releases a document full of the usual rubbish, but with no substantial measures besides the obvious reminder about the field hospital and all that effeminate sensitive crap. Nothing new in this case. Business as usual. You keep praying that God rids us of this scourge soon. You sleep at night.

2. Francis releases a documents that goes against traditional rules. For example, he states that whilst adulterers cannot approach the altar for communion, the bishop can decide “exceptional” “pastoral measures” that allow them to do so in their own diocese. All hell breaks loose as Bishops all over the world who are actually afraid of hell (a good number of them still around, by God's grace) start shooting at the measure. A de facto schism ensues, in which the Pope sides with the schismatics, but is hit with refusal of obedience and calls for resignation as entire bishops' conferences withdraw their support to the pope and condemn the measure. You refuse to give allegiance to the Pope in everything schismatic or heretical, keep doing what you were doing, keep not only following but openly proclaiming the Catholic rule with friends and family, refuse to be shifted by the Evil Clown one single centimetre, refuse to bend to heresy in any way whatsoever. You follow the battle as it unfolds, and in particular you follow what your true spiritual guides say. The Pope is not your spiritual authority anymore, though he is obviously still Pope for now. Your spiritual authority is the Society of St Pius X. You listen to them, follow what they say, pray, and fast. You know that as the battle rages – a battle to which you, too, are called – the war is already won. You sleep at night.

3. Francis releases an openly heretical document, and no big mess ensues. It appears that the heretics got their way. The liberal press announces that the Church has “changed her doctrine”. Confusion is everywhere as the usual bloggers order you to obey the Pope because hey, you are Catholic. You do exactly as under point 2. You will have less comfort as you feel more isolated. You pray and do penance more. You listen to all the SSPX has to say and follow their advice. You pray God every day that He may rid us of this scourge as hard as you can. Mind: Francis is still the Pope, unless people with more authority than you (say: the SSPX) state that this is not the case, and why (say: because of a council of dissident bishops declaring the Pope heretic and deprived of the office). You pray more, you fast more, you get more vocal with friends and family, who will mock you now without cease. You take everything as a badge of honour, and a great privilege. You sleep at night.

4. Francis goes really bonkers: kisses fags in the mouth in public, announces he is the boyfriend of Monsignor Ricca or the girlfriend of a dog, “canonises” Satan, proclaims the “dogma” of the resurrection of Che Guevara, takes part to an interfaith service with Satanists, or the like. No opposition besides Catholic traditionalists, as Patheos bloggers invite you to accept everything “like a child” and have faith that the “Spirit” is working within Francis. The world stuns, but stays silent as fags celebrate everywhere. You proceed as before, refuse to give any allegiance to anything the man says, and wait for God or a Synod to get us rid of him. You take strenght in the promise of the Blessed Virgin, that when everything seems lost she will finally intervene. But you don't expect the intervention within next Monday, lunch time. You know big crises in the Church have gone on for a long time. You know that you may have to wait years, and may die without seeing Truth triumph on this earth. This may sadden you, but does not affect you. You keep going on in the faith of our fathers. You are fully aware of what great grace it is to keep your faith and stand firm in the midst of crumbling worlds. Terrifying as it is to think of the amount of reprobates around you, you keep praying for everyone's repentance and salvation, particularly of those dear to you, to your last breath. What a great privilege to die with such faith, in such a world.

You, my friend, still sleep at night.


We do not know what battles lie in front of us. We know that the Evil Clown is a Jesuit and a coward, certainly; but we also know that he is so heretical and stupid – and very possibly, perverted – that there is no limit to what he could do, if he feels like it and thinks that he will get away with it. I see no signals at the moment that he could go nuclear. I very much doubt that he will even risk a major conflict. But I am an optimist by nature, and have been proved wrong in the past. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for every scenario, even the most extreme. There is no point of mess, none whatsoever, at which you should even think of giving up the fight.

Good luck to all of us. Let us remember that in any challenge lies a hidden grace, and the bigger the challenge for our faith, the greater the reward for those who stand firm. Miserable sinners as we all are – as I certainly am – this should be a great consolation and be taken for what it is: a great sign of predestination.



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  1. Excellent advice Mundabor. We should never forget that God is in charge of all of this and He is very patient as we must be and use what’s happening as an opportunity to practice virtue. And do what we can like prayer and penance. All will be well as we rest in the hand of God.

    Michael Dowd

  2. Sometimes I wonder why you aren’t writing for the Remnant or Catholic Family News, for many of your posts are worthy of printing in these fine Catholic journals. This one is no exception. You are right in what you say, of course, and as always…

    I envision we Roman Catholics nowadays as being under a fishbowl, with Rome as the center. As more and more Catholics come to understand the reality of today’s neoultramodernist leanings of Rome, we find ourselves roaming further and further away from the Rome’s center – even to the outer rim – to preserve what has been handed down to us. There we remain and have remained for the last 60 years. There we remain wandering around the rim, still on the inside and still Faithful to Pope and Rome, but also Faithful to what has gone before the past 2,000 years or so. We will return to the center when Rome returns to her center. Until then, we preserve what has been handed down and proved to be valuable to our one end in this life – the Salvation of our Soul. If that means wondering around the inside rim of Catholicism, then so be it. There is no other choice we have, until sanity returns.

    And going outside the rim as others have done is signing our own spiritual death warrant.

    I fear not so much that I may not live to see the return of Rome to her “True North”, as I do knowing all that my children may have to endure until it does.

  3. Well said Mundabor!!This Bishop of Rome spews heresy out of his mouth daily ,and i am sick of it.For myself ,as well as attending my own nous ordo parish,attend the SSPX and The Latin rite mass as often as i can for the sake of my eternal soul.This mess will pass as we enter the trials of the end times.God Bless.Keep writing Mundy!!

  4. Thank you for consistently supporting, encouraging, and buffing up the troops Mundy:+) I like your positive streak and agree that you should be writing for the Remnant as a guest columnist. Your insights and love for Mother Church shine through:+) God bless~

  5. Per your recommendation on another post I have started reading “Providence” by Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. Truly food for the journey.

    • When you are done with that, I suggest to tackle another masterwork of his, “Predestination”. The latter book, however, is more difficult to digest (but still feasible) if you haven’t studied philosophy at school or uni.

  6. Beautiful, Mundabor! What a privilege to have you on our side. St. Louis De Monfort said in the last days God would raise up great souls, true children of Mary. His Fiery Prayer for the Children of the Last Days is on Tradition In Action site. The greater the challenges we face, the greater the graces we receive, and the more we can hope for a great reward in the end.

    • Thanks, Theresa.
      I assure you I am not a great soul in the least.
      I am a wretched sinner who, through various events in his life, got near to Holy Mother Church.
      I think I have another advantage in growing up in a Country where Catholicism was deeply embedded in people’ mind. I have known atheists who would be horrified at the things some “c”atholics say about, say, abortion.

  7. And I will remind all of your book recommendation to me on this topic, “Providence”, by R. Garrigou-Lagrange in which he proves that designing Providence created all things with a Divine end in view. History belongs to God, not scheming, conspiring men. $0.99 Kindle. A bargain for sure.

    As you stated previously, if all-knowing Jesus selected Judas for His Inner circle and kept this scheming man, who subverted Jesus’ Gospel message culminating in betrayal, then it is clear that His ways are not our ways. He sees purposes far beyond our comprehension. It is our duty through prayer to remain in trusting submission and full confidence even, especially, when all seems lost.

  8. Thanks, Mundabor. One of your best yet.

  9. mariachristina9

    Excellent advice, Mr. M! This will be much needed if the Pope transforms the Church into his own vision. I agree that as traditional Catholics, all is not lost if it comes to this. We still have the Deposit of Faith, centuries of papal encyclicals, church teachings, lives of the Saints, etc. And I believe God has provided a safe haven for his children in the SSPX. I am so glad they did not join with Rome, who probably would have shut them down. If the Pope proclaims heresies, then FrancisChurch will be in schism along with those who stay: the poorly catechized, lukewarm “c”atholics, deviants, and those bound to papolatry. Even with all this drama going on in the Church, I do sleep well at night with my rosary beside me. Thanks so much for this!

  10. Yes, I add my thanks to you for recommending “Providence” by Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. . I googled it, and it’s actually available for free reading at EWTN’s library. I have it bookmarked, and have started to read it as time permits.

  11. Thank you, M. Beautiful and well said.

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