Saintly Pope vs Lewd Buffoon

Saintly Pope

Saintly Pope

I wanted to re-read Pascendi Dominici Gregis, just for the desire to have a drink of pure water after the mud I must read about every single day. 

The encyclical starts with the following words: 


1. One of the primary obligations assigned by Christ to the office divinely committed to Us of feeding the Lord’s flock is that of guarding with the greatest vigilance the deposit of the faith delivered to the saints, rejecting the profane novelties of words and the gainsaying of knowledge falsely so called.

Well I had to stop here, and write this blog post. 


Lewd Buffoon

In three lines, at the very start, this holy man of God hammers down with great clarity and strong energy what the duty of a Pope is. He makes brutally clear that “profane novelties” and “knowledge so called” will always attach the faith, and the duty of a Pope is exactly to reject them. 

What a difference with the lewd buffoon currently sullying the sea of Peter. 


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  1. The pictures used to illustrate this entry say it all. The first man so intelligent, humble, Manly, composed, strong and generous looking- the other man looks deranged, effeminate, vain, cold and proud. Hope to one day meet the first man and give praise and thanks that we had such a one as him. the other man, I hope not to see after this life (I mean by his own choosing).

    • I sincerely hope to see him, and to see him in the right place (it would be, actually, infinitely tragic to meet him in the wrong one).
      However, chances are if I get saved, after my long purgatory I will not find him at the final destination.

    • Just to be clearer: you certainly did not want to say it, but it is a mortal sin to wish anyone hell, even hell out of – as it always is – his own voluntary decision.
      We wish repentance and salvation even to the worst genocides, even to this extremely disgraceful pope. Actually, it is a good exercise to pray for the man’s eternal health as we bash – as we darn well should – all that he does.

  2. Thanks Mundabor for a refreshing reminder of how blessed we are to have a good Pope. Reading their documents is most uplifting. If anyone would like to pursue this further there is a very good book from Tan called ‘The Popes Against Modern Errors’–16 Papal documents.. Available on Amazon, also.

    Michael Dowd

    • The Vatican website has all the papal encyclicals. Pope St Pius 10th is the best a trul Catholic gentleman. Mundabor tell me as an Italian how do the average italian folk see Pope Pius the 10th

    • The “average Italians” don’t know who he was. Those who know who he was aren’t “average”. Good Catholics are getting scarce.

  3. Yes, Mr. M., I do not wish to see anyone go to hell, I meant, the way He, himself is behaving, his chances are not good. It kills me sometimes, but I most certainly do pray for Jorge. I am the least of all sinners and and am well aware my only hope for salvation is Mary. Forgive me, my words did not come out right.

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